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Instagram Tips From The World’s Biggest Brands

5 Instagram Tips From 10 of The World’s Biggest Brands

We set out to find a few simple tips that businesses could use on Instagram. Our team went through Instagram accounts to find 5 common tactics some of the biggest brands are using. We created a video and a blogpost so you can learn the best Instagram tips and use them for your business. Tip […]

More Than Just a Press Release – 2015 Public Relations Tips

We caught up with our friend Serena Ehrlich from Business Wire as she presented at a public relations breakfast in Los Angeles to share her tips and tactics. Enjoy the video and scroll down to see the infographic and business tips at the bottom. Business Wire’s 2015 Public Relations Tips: Include photos/videos/infographics in each press […]

Kid Pix RKS Sessions

Kid Pix Paint Program Went From Idea to Mass Success With Craig Hickman

Our friends at Cross Campus in Santa Monica partnered with RKS Design to host Craig Hickman, Developer of Kid Pix Paint Program. Craig shared facts about Kid Pix Paint Program and an interesting story behind its creation process. Kid Pix facts: The original Kid Pix has 8-bit graphics, 680×480 dimensions and doesn’t run on modern […]

Engage Bilingual Hispanic Audiences

How To Engage Bilingual Hispanic Audiences (Digital Growth Broadcast Replay)

As a part of our commitment to digital marketing best practices, we set out to host a Digital Growth Broadcast asking experts how they engage bilingual Hispanic audiences. We featured experts from ESPN Deportes, Kellogg brands, Flipboard and three agency owners that have impressive statistics. They shared with us english and spanish marketing tips that […]

5 Steps to Writing Better Blog Content

With over millions of websites, it may seem difficult to get people to visit and stay on yours. Here are 5 tips to writing better blog content. 1. Make it conversational. When writing for the web, you’re essentially just adding another piece to an overflowing pot of conversation. Content made specifically for the web should […]

Email Marketing Tools for Teams

6 Email Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Social media may be all the rage, but email marketing is still an essential tool for your marketing campaigns. We’ve already talked about tips to grab your customers’ attention (and then keep it), but you might need some more help. Enter the internet, full of wonderful tools just begging you to try them out. So, […]

4 Ways to Use LinkedIn For Business

Many companies’ LinkedIn profiles are merely bare bones with a few snippets of information and external links. But this is one of the platforms where your company and brand can shine in a professional way. Start taking full advantage of this platform to improve your business today with these easy tips. Here are 4 ways […]

Youtube Video Marketing Tips

4 Youtube Video Marketing Tips to Reach Your Customers

YouTube is viewed by more young adults than any cable channel out there. So if this is your target audience, you better start implementing a video plan. Online video marketing is trending, and not exploring your options means not reaching your customer on the network that they’re comfortable with. Also, keep in mind that Google […]

Sample Tweets to get engement

Try these 25 Sample Tweets To Get Your Followers Responding In May

In need of some May social media engagement? We have found the most success by NOT selling on Twitter. Instead, we ask questions that start with a who, what, where or why. Then we include a couple response options and we keep everything less than 100 characters (whenever possible). This type of formula sometimes helps […]

4 Steps To Promote An Event On Twitter (Video Blog)

While we are getting ready for our Digital Growth Summit event I decided to shoot this video to show you how we get our panelists excited about the event (and have them help us spread the word). Here’s four basic steps I use to promote an event on Twitter. Pick a destination (Landing page or […]

8 Youtube Channel Tips To Get Subscribers (Video Blog)

Youtube is the second largest search engine on the web (behind Google). We feel like it’s important to have as much content on Youtube as possible to get noticed and help build loyalty from customers as they get to know you through your video marketing. Here’s some of our favorite Youtube channel tips to get […]

Palms Casino Social Media Case Study

Tracking Social Media ROI With HootSuite and The Palms Hotel

When we first launched we set out to develop best practices on Twitter and Facebook to help businesses turn prospects into customers. We like to test different messages across all social media networks and use analytics to track social media roi. One of our most famous case studies came from a one month campaign […]