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Digital Growth Summit at Microsoft LA Playa Vista

Digital Growth Summit Recap

Thank you to all of our sponsors, panelists and volunteers that helped to make the DGS4 a huge hit at Microsoft’s LA headquarters. Consider Tweeting “Thank you” to our sponsors: @Microsoft, @BusinessWire, @FreshBrothers, @NeoReach, @Attunix, @Silverpop, @SADASystems Learn more about our social media safety program. Learn more about our new blogger network: BlogPRWire

YouTube Playlist Tips to Grow Your Video Marketing Audience

6 YouTube Playlist Tips to Grow Your Video Marketing Audience

About our guest blogger: Matthew Devumi is the digital marketing analyst over on’s social and video marketing blog. Follow @Devumi on Twitter for the latest tweets from the Devumi Gorilla and connect with Matthew on LinkedIn. Learn more about guest blogging on MediaLeaders. One of the most often neglected aspects of a brand’s video […]

Hotel Marketing

9 Web Tips to Enhance Your Hotel Marketing

Today, a hotel’s website doesn’t function simply as a virtual brochure — it is more like a shopfront. A great website has the power to entice potential customers to make a booking, offers a better user experience, which can translate into profits.

Mobile Marketing Panelists DGS3

Mobile Marketing Key Takeaways from DGS3 (Video)

For mobile you have a smaller screen so you need to simplify navigation, and create modular content. Think of mobile content like an “Elevator Pitch.” You only have a few seconds and a small amount of space to communicate with a visitor so make sure that your message is clear and simple.

Bring Your Boss Up To Speed On Social Media

3 Polite Tips to Bring Executives up to Speed on Social Media

If you’re like me, and struggling to make headway with social media in your organization, it may be because there is an ageist divide. So, instead of busting the chops of seasoned marketers and industry elders for not being tech-savvy, why not take on the role of educator – eliminating stereotypes, and turning judgments into […]

Southwest Airlines and TMobile Social Media Tips

3 Social Media Tips From Southwest Airlines and T-Mobile

Social media is a two-way relationship; brands must make their social platforms interesting and engaging to followers. Otherwise, the relationship is destined to be one-way and short-lived. Here are two great examples of companies that seem to have mastered it and 3 social media tips we can learn from them.

Blond woman drawing an analytical graph

4 Tips To Turn Social Media Metrics Into Insights

Tools are only as good as the people using them. That’s why you need to have a social media metrics evaluation process in place. Most social media sites provide native analytics tools, in addition to a handful of third-party providers, who battle to give marketers a broader, more robust look at social data.

YouTube Panelists DGS15

YouTube Marketing Key Takeaways from DGS3 (Video)

YouTube is a platform to connect people with people and to have a very wide reach. It’s a first film platform in history that incentivized creators to expose their work. In every other platform prior, there were always middlemen between the content creator and the audience.

Email marketing panelists DGS3

Email Marketing Key Takeaways from DGS3 (Video)

A simple definition of SPAM is sending anything your customer doesn’t want. Paying attention to your metrics over time help us know if our email is appreciated, or not. Declining metrics are an indication that you are sending too often, or sending uninteresting or unwanted content.

Digital Growth Summit 2015 Santa Monica daytime

Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet from DGS 2015 Panelists

Golden rule of Email Marketing: treat the people on your email marketing list the way you would want to be treated. Permission and relevance are the keys to getting into the inbox. Content Marketing tip: Understanding your audience is crucial. Find out what type of content they want to read and what relates to them.

LinkedIn Profile

6 Tips To Use LinkedIn Long Form Publisher

Our Marketing & PR Manager, Amy Poblete, was nice enough to share some tips about how to use LinkedIn long form publisher. LinkedIn Publisher, used to create long form posts, is a powerful content marketing tool. Not only does LinkedIn provide you with an attractive space to host and highlight your ideas and images, they […]

Rock Youtube With Video Marketing

7 Youtube Marketing Tips For Business (Video)

Thank you to our friends at SEMRush for interviewing Josh Ochs to show how MediaLeaders uses Youtube marketing to grow our new Teen Social Media Safety program. Josh was interviewed by Peter Starr Northrop of SEMRush and they had these tips… We are all content marketers Your goal should be to create 1 video each […]

Mailchimp Newsletter Campaign Tips

How to Setup a Mailchimp Newsletter Campaign to Get Results

Today I set out to invite 1,700 people to a volunteer event that we’re hosting at Santa Monica Airport. While I was creating the email, I thought it would be a good chance to share with you our best email techniques for creating Mailchimp newsletter campaign that works. Design your email for a mobile device […]

Customer service tips for businesses

27 Tips to Be Awesome at Customer Service

We set out to ask marketers, business owners and customer service managers what their customer service tips are for keeping their consumers happy. They were nice enough to share with us their ideas. If you like these tips, please use the share buttons to give our contributors some love. Refer-a-Friend Cash Rewards By Rachel Maxwell, […]