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We host digital marketing events in LA and SF.

Authentic Marketing Conference LA Sep 16 2016
Digital Growth Summit LA November 4 2016
Digital Growth Summit San Francisco Nov 18 2016

Here are excerpts from our past conferences:

Instagram & Snapchat Marketing Hacks for Brands

Instagram & Snapchat Marketing Hacks for Brands

Instagram and Snapchat marketing creates new opportunities for brands to broaden their reach. Learn how brands are using these platforms to authentically engage with their audience, how to successfully create content customized for each platform, and how to measure the success of a campaign.

The Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy

The 7 Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy

Like an artist looking at a blank canvas and deciding what to paint, figuring out your social media strategy can be daunting. Our digital marketing expert shares 7 steps for a successful social media strategy including tips to identifying your audience, creating content to meet your goals and more.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Tips

20+ Influencer Marketing Strategy Tips

There’s an art and a science to working with influencers. Our panelists share some of their favorite tips, including using AI tools like Charlie App to research the influencers you want to reach; speaking the influencers’ language; and always erring on the side of authenticity.

Step Up Your PR Game SEO and Social Tips

Step Up Your PR Game With These 10 SEO and Social Tips

When it comes to creating content that moves people through the sales and marketing funnel, editorial coverage hands down is the highest trusted piece of content someone can generate. Our PR expert shares tips for creating content that aspires to different audiences and how to hit key metrics.

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