Here are our suggested blogging guidelines:

The Anatomy of a guest blog post for and (We are all operated by the same team):

Blogging is part prose and part technology. Use these resources to get yourself ready to work with us (or even use them to blog on your own).
  • Please Note: The blog post you contribute to MediaLeaders MUST be at least 50% new and fresh content. This means you are not simply submitting a post that already is public on your blog, but instead reformatting it and changing more than half of the post for us. We do not re-post existing content from other blogs and we perform a search to make sure the content you give us is unique. Google frowns upon duplicate content it finds on the web and will penalize both websites in their SEO rankings. For more info be sure to read this beginners guide to SEO
  • We prefer blog posts that are between 300-1,000 words. If your post is more than 1,000 words, then it must have a reason for being so long.
  • Blog posts must be TACTICAL (no big lofty buzz words) and they must offer tips, tricks or counter-intuitive tutorials.
  • Topics that work well with our readers are: Marketing, advertising, business networking, sales, entrepreneur tips, development, social media tips, online marketing, customer service, or anything that helps businesses with their online footprint while communicating with customers.
  • Please make sure your guest post is NOT generic, it must include specific, actionable tips that a novice or pro can use.
  • The best topics are posts that provide 3-7 tips that readers can use to navigate a subject. Another great topic is a list of less than 25 items, like favorite tools, etc.

Elements of a great blog post:

Focus Keyword These are two or three words we will provide for you to write your blog post around. Please include the phrase in a natural manner once in your title, first two sentences of your body and other areas of your post. This will help a little with your SEO. Subject This should be less than 70 characters and will be what appears on the front of the blog SEO Title This is what Google will show searchers (and usually what gets shared on social media). This is very similar to the subject line but is limited to 70 characters. Body Copy

  • This is UNIQUE content that you have not published anywhere else and is between 300-1,000 words in length.
  • It includes an intro, your numbered 3-7 tips (with bold headers), a conclusion and a question at the end.
  • A sample question for a guest blog post on Google Plus would include "How are you using Google Plus for your company? Let us know in the comments below."
  • This body section can also include a video example that highlights one (or more) of your key tips/takeaways. You can grab a video from Youtube, vimeo or another site that hosts videos. These must have a creative commons licence and be in-line with the quality of the MediaLeaders brand.

Suggested stock image We have final say on all images, however there's two ways you can suggest one for us:

  • Find one on (search with checking “creative commons” and sorting by “most interesting”).
  • Find one on Don't buy it yet, submit the long link (like this) and if we approve it, we will go buy it under our account.

As a general rule of thumb, we try to stray away from generic industry phrases, buzz words, 40,000 foot discussion points about the state of the industry, etc.

We like including practical roadmaps with actionable steps that our readers can take to improve their business.

Here are a few examples of good blog posts we like: