Video Replay: Leveraging Storytelling To Transform Prospects Into Clients - Tips from Agency Leaders


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Miss the event? Watch it here! View the photos here on our MediaLeaders Google Plus page.

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Learn how five agency leaders engage their story to differentiate themselves (and grow their business)


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Our panelists’ stories will illustrate how they are staying top of mind by working ON their business and networking in the right ways.

1) Learn how to utilize your unique story to attract more prospects

  • The most effective social media strategies to showcase your thought leadership & story to attract the right prospects
  • Creative techniques to get your agency noticed by more people without needing to sell your services

2) Learn how to maintain those relationships, converting them into clients

  • Top 7 techniques to develop stronger relationships with potential clients
  • 5 new ways social media tactics can nurture prospects
  • The right email campaigns to transform your prospects into clients and ultimately raving fans


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Event Details

Where: Cross Campus - (820 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401) [Map] Speakers: Agency Pros in PR/Digital/Creative share how they utilize their unique story to differentiate themselves from competition Attendees: Professionals in agencies, startups and brands Why: Learn how to use your unique story to attract more prospects and clients When: July 16th from 6-10pm Cost: $20 ($30 at the door) Free Food: Thank you to Chipotle for supplying burritos for the first hour at this event. Beverage Sponsor: Thank you to Business Wire for supplying beer, wine and waters during this event.

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Meet The Panelists At This Event:

Kim Koury, Owner, Spin Public Relations

Kyra Reed, Digital Strategy & Social Branding @ Adler Integrated

Chris Baccus Executive Director of Digital at GolinHarris

Chad Bennett Populus Brands, Founder and CEO

Apryl DeLancey Director of Marketing & Social Media at Blaze PR

Special Thanks To These Event Hosts:

Minling Chuang Chief JOY Coach at the JOY depot

Brian Mac Mahon Lean Workspace Advisor Founder at Your Office Agent

Warner Boutin Biz Dev, Investor Relations & Corp Comms at Business Wire

Garrett Henricksen Account Executive at Business Wire

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Josh Ochs Author "Light, Bright and Polite"

Added Benefits:

Network with other agency pros to coordinate on projects Enjoy Chipotle Food and giveaways from Uberx, Chipotle,

Instructions for entering our sweepstakes at the event:

All attendees can enter the sweepstakes when they include these elements in a Tweet: 1) Include something "Light, Bright and Polite" about the event (A tip or a fun phrase) 2) Include the @MediaLeaders username so we can track it 3) A link back to


"Stop selling, start SELLibrating! Great tip at the @MediaLeaders event."

Enter to win almost $1,000 in giveaways at this event:

  • $20 New user gift cards for Uberx (we have 20 cards to giveaway)
  • $5 Free Burrito Cards from Chipotle (10 cards to giveaway)
  • 7 Day free access (5 passes to giveaway)
  • $100 Google Adwords (5 cards to giveaway)
  • (10 people will get a free visit)

Learn From The Panelists In These Exclusive Videos

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