5 Ways Your Content Can Be More Relevant in a News Feed Economy


This post is an excerpt from the “5 ways your content can be more relevant in a news feed economy” breakout session at the Authentic Marketing Conference in Los Angeles led by Nick Kinports, EVP Strategy at Notice. The conference was a rich environment for brands and influencers to openly discuss tactics for authentically building a strong following. All of the content from the Authentic Marketing Conference is available as a Digital Marketing Bootcamp.

Strategy 1: Stop building campaigns, start building in clusters of ideas

It’s okay to have dramatically different ideas about advertising messages as long as they all work up to one core principle. I think Geico is the best example that most people know. They run these TV ads that have no real connection between them so they were an early adopter of this cluster concept.

Strategy 2: Realize that the channel mix is also changing

While there is still a place for broadcast television, out of home radio, etc. the most effective channels moving forward will be, events, photos, videos, and influencers.

Strategy 3: Learn from past results

Continuous introduction of new content to the mix based on results and what has worked in the past can help you stay relevant in the news feed economy.

Strategy 4: Learn the platform roadmap

Facebook and Google are in a death-match for ownership of our newsfeed video, 360, and virtual reality. Everybody wants to own live video. Understand where platforms are going in the future because that can help you map out a strategy that will help our brands and our client’s brands stay successful.

Strategy 5: Invest in events and experiences

Events create a nexus for influencers, customers, and rich content. In 2017, events and experiential marketing will be critical as social networks ratchet down organic search. Creating a purposeful and scalable events strategy will ensure every dollar is maximized when utilizing influencers and video content.

It can be challenging getting people to attend the actual events so how do you overcome the challenge of getting the influencers to the event?

Work with a core group of influencers to build cross-brand relationships

Well, if it’s a budget challenge then that is tough because as you know, you do need some A-listers or some kind of headliner to anchor people and get them to participate. New product launches are always exciting. There is no easy solution, but I would say work with a core group of influencers to build cross-brand relationships so that they are more willing to work with you for less upfront because they know you are going to be bringing them the next thing next month and I think over time you can build some really wonderful relationships with them.

Develop the right publication skill sets. Publishers are dying and being replaced by influencers, platform-only publications, and niche groups. The interesting thing for brands is that they can develop and own a publication space with relative ease, impacting SEO, offsetting ad spend, and helping their customers keep their finger on the pulse. Creating cool content and maintaining a news feed presence is biased towards the publication model, and brands know their industry best.

Do your own measurement work. Platforms are now walled gardens that don’t play well with others and don’t really want to play with others. Nobody has true real time data from platforms so you need to become experts in each platform and then measure the tools that are available in there and then you need to create reports from that that are meaningful to your clients. Accepting 1:1 results between platforms are not measurable is the first step to being accurate, next is mastering niche skillets for measurement in each platform.

Is there a sweet spot in your opinion of video length?

Think about telling your whole story in ten seconds

Ten second videos have a core success element. Think about telling your whole story in ten seconds or at least telling the core of that story in ten seconds. However, for Facebook Live, you need something that is at least 15 minutes long. Have a plan that allows you to capture at least 15 minutes of Live video because as you start that Live video, Facebook will send out notifications to everyone who likes your brand’s page. Those notifications do not all happen at once and as more people watch the more notifications Facebook will send. So for Facebook Live, the longer you can do the better.