5 Old School Customer Service Tips For Social Media


Customer service on social mediaRemember the good ‘ole days when customer service was center-stage in business, and not social media? Newsflash: In today’s world, you’re going to have to put both at the center of your business if you want to successfully communicate with your customers. So here are a few refreshers you might consider to get social media back to the good old days on social media:

1. Understand what you’re selling - and know how to respond if you don’t.

Make sure you and all of your employees understand what you’re selling, whether it’s a product or a service. You should constantly be reviewing both the old and the new things that you offer so that you can properly assist your customers. But what if, one day, someone asks you something that you just don’t know the answer to? Don’t leave them with an unhelpful, “I don’t know.” Tell them that you’ll find out - and make sure you actually get back to them.

2. Follow the Golden Rule.

It’s simple: treat others the way you would like to be treated. Would you like unhelpful, one-word responses to every question you ask? Then don’t give them. Would you like someone to multitask while talking with you? Then don’t do that - even if you’re talking to someone over the phone. Keep in mind what makes you feel good when you’re a customer, and use that in turn with your customers.

3. Go above and beyond.

Give customers extras. They don’t have to be big; whatever it is, if it’s free, it’ll make a big impression. For example, make sure you have things to give to your customers’ children, like candy or crayons. See if you can budget in room for giveaways. Even if what you give away isn’t spectacular, your customers will definitely appreciate the thought, which says that they’re worth a little bit of your money.

4. Be humble.

Don’t be defensive. Sounds like common sense, but this is a hard thing to do if you’re passionate about your company or if the customer is really angry. If you or your company messes up, take a deep breath and apologize. Don’t try to blame it on another colleague, either. This looks unprofessional and, to be honest, the professional world isn’t a game of tattle-taling or he-said-she-said. Everyone is accountable. So don’t ignore a problem or try to blame it on someone else; take responsibility, apologize, and find a solution.

5. Show that you care.

To really give your customer a great experience, you need to involve them. Ask them questions about themselves (general questions - nothing too personal) to show that you care, and make sure to show that you’re actually listening. Compliment them on their choices or join in on their excitement over a service or product. The key here is to find a way to let your customer know that their personal experience is important, not just their money.

What customer service techniques do you use? Let us know in the comment box below.