6 Email Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier


Email Marketing Tools for Teams Social media may be all the rage, but email marketing is still an essential tool for your marketing campaigns. We've already talked about tips to grab your customers’ attention (and then keep it), but you might need some more help. Enter the internet, full of wonderful tools just begging you to try them out. So, which tools will actually help you on your quest to become an email marketing leader? Check out these 6 email marketing to make your life easier.


Get organized, grow sales and save time. We run MediaLeaders on this software and we love it! Infusionsoft is the only all-in-one sales and marketing software for small businesses that combines email marketing, e-commerce and CRM. We are always looking for new tools that meet our needs, so far we haven't found one better than Infusionsoft.


iPhone. Android. iPad. Desktop. Laptop. So many platforms, so many ways for your email to go wrong. How to avoid that? Try out Litmus. It lets you preview how your email will look on all platforms - all of them. What’s more, it can provide you with analytics about your emails and run them through a spam test.


Simple. Organized. Beautiful (display). MailChimp is all of those things. Create whatever newsletter you desire with the help of their templates and easy-to-use design software. Create customized lists, dividing your customers into segments (not all customers are alike, after all). Get feedback - what was the opening rate? What was the click-through rate? It’s all here in one spot.


Go count all of the apps on your phone. You’re probably rolling your eyes right now - because you don’t want to go take the time to go through all of your apps and count them. Now, a lot of those apps probably ask for the same information from you. A tool that could connect all of your apps and their information would come in handy, wouldn't it? That tool’s name is Zapier. Connect all of your apps, including the tools you use for email marketing, and their information with this one simple tool. Problem solved and time saved.


Gather your marketing team and introduce them to their new best friend. Trello is a simple yet beautiful organizer for your to-do’s, but it gets better. Throw your whole team on this system and collaborate together on what needs to get done. Segment your email list? Brainstorm the perfect subject line? Edit your content calendar? Place important projects in this tool and collaborate as a team to make sure they get done. Who said to-do lists have to be boring?


Join this tool for free, then choose your package out of their amazing prices. What can Boomerang do for you? Manage your event registration, create email blasts, personalize whatever you want, and share to social media - all from one webpage. Now, “that was easy.”

What email marketing tools do you use on your business? Share in the comments below.