How To Engage Bilingual Hispanic Audiences


Engage Hispanic Bilingual Audiences As a part of our commitment to digital marketing best practices, we set out to host a Digital Growth Broadcast asking experts how they engage bilingual Hispanic audiences.

We featured experts from ESPN Deportes, Kellogg brands, Flipboard and three agency owners that have impressive statistics. They shared with us english and spanish marketing tips that work for business.

What’s working to engage the bilingual market?

Joe Kutchera, Head of Hispanic Content, Flipboard (0:56-3:04)

  • We launched our Latin American content guide in November, 2013 and our US Latino content guide on June 3, 2014
  • We brought together news sources in English that impact that Latino community in the US (e.g. Fox News Latino and Huffington Post Latino Voices)
  • We also brought in newspapers from Mexico such as Excelsior and Millenio, and other Spanish language sources
  • We engaged community leaders and connections to develop their own magazine on Flipboard

“We saw that 15 percent of our domestic users, about 40-50 million in the US, are actively reading and sharing information and articles in Spanish. We saw the need to develop a product for the US-Hispanic market.” - Joe Kutchera

Can you talk about how mobile phones become key in engaging the Hispanic demographic?

Joe Kutchera, Head of Hispanic Content, Flipboard (3:05-4:15)

Mobile phones, in particular smartphones, are “a great leap forward” for Hispanics when it comes to digital access. According to a recent study, US-Hispanics are 75 percent likely to recommend an app to friends, family, and co-workers.

Why should we look beyond the English dominant bilingual audiences?

Ulysses Alvarado, Hispanic Marketing CEO, inMEDIAto Media(4:17-5:56)

  • 70 percent of Hispanics in the US speak Spanish or are bilingual
  • By 2050, there will be 150 million people in the US. Even if the Hispanic demographic drops to 60 or 50 percent, their size is still significantly huge.
  • The new generation adapts to the US culture, as well as their parents’ culture

What’s working to engage the bilingual market at inMEDIAto Media?

Ulysses Alvarado, Hispanic Marketing CEO, inMEDIAto Media (5:57-7:01)

  • Acculturation: keep your voice neutral, no Spanish accent
  • Don’t do voiceovers/dubs on English ads
  • Have a plan in digital and actively pursue

“Out of the 33 million US-Hispanics that are currently online, 16 million are Spanish-dominant bilingual and they are looking for Spanish content." - Ulysses Alvarado

What’s working to engage the bilingual market for Listen Up Espanol?

Craig Handley, Co-Founder, Listen Up Espanol (7:04-10:21)

  • Leverage with mobile
  • Instead of dubbing an infomercial that features a white person, re-shoot it and put actual Hispanics
  • Use products and services that Hispanics might actually want to use
  • e.g. instead of making a smoothies with strawberries and bananas, feature salsa or guacamole
  • Be aware of the five levels of acculturation when marketing:
    • Level 1 and 2: more Hispanic and has a Mexican flag in their porch
    • Level 3: 50 percent Hispanic, 50 percent American
    • Level 4 and 5: More American and has an American flag in their porch

“We recommend to a lot of our Hispanic clients to put their shopping cart through Amazon because Amazon’s the only company that I recognize that’s mastering the one-click purchase, and almost 75 percent of Hispanics have a smartphone.” Craig Handley

What’s working for ESPN in engaging the bilingual audience?

Ricardo Llera, Marketing, ESPN (10:35-14:05)

  • Be honest and upfront with what it is you’re selling, products or services
  • For ESPN, it’s our shows and content. We revamped and re-launched our website for ad sales so that investors will understand what the shows of ESPN are about.
  • Connect with them through social media
  • Be consistent
  • Ask them questions about their interests (e.g. who they are rooting for in the World Cup)

What’s working for Kellogg brands to engage the bilingual market?

Rajaa Grar, Sr. Mgr Multicultural Brand Mktg, Kellogg Company (14:41-18:56)

  • We have Spanish-speaking casts to showcase the insights around our brand
  • We have a Hispanic digital front, online media and video
  • We have a Hispanic digital blogger network
  • We developed TV spots that are centered on global insight or total market insight or general market campaign that are relevant to the Spanish consumers

What are the good brands, not just your own brand, that are doing things right and how they are doing it right?

Joe Kutchera, Head of Hispanic Content, Flipboard (19:39-20:52) Vive Mejor: a Spanish language, one-stop content hub that has information, articles, and blog posts that targets Latino women and moms

Talk to us about Rosetta Stone:

Ulysses Alvarado, Hispanic Marketing CEO, inMEDIAto Media (20:53-22:55) Rosetta Stone is one of our clients. They doubled their revenue week-over-week because we advised them to:

  • Put voices and personalities on TV that has a neutral accent
  • Value honesty

Can you walk us through how you’re generating more donation from your Spanish audience for you children’s charity?

Craig Handley, Co-Founder, Listen Up Espanol (22:56-25:10)

  • We put Spanish ads on our English website
  • We ask for a one-time donation on top monthly donation. We personalize, disarm, and ask a little bit of information to our donors.
  • We understand the Hispanics are a little price-sensitive once you go over the $200 mark. This is not to be confused with spend-sensitive. They love to spend money.

“In English, they tried to adapt this and they are getting 8 percent of the customer to do a one-time donation along with the monthly. In our center, we get 30 percent of the customers do a one-time donation along with the monthly.” - Craig Handley

Can you walk us through a case study that you developed for ESPN Deportes and why it’s doing so well?

Ricardo Llera, Marketing, ESPN (25:20-28:00) Instead of throwing a fancy party with massive presentation and keynotes as an upfront, we decided to take it down a notch and opt for a breakfast talk show-style. What’s surprising is that the guests would stick around more and show heightened interest to what the network is about and what it’s actually doing.

Engage Bilingual Hispanic Audiences

Can you walk us through a case study that you found really effective?

Rajaa Grar, Sr. Mgr Multicultural Brand Mktg, Kellogg Company (28:01-30:16) We launched Hispanic digital platform Dias Grandiosos. It’s the first time in CPG industry that we engaged the Hispanic consumer through content marketing. We talk to customers about relevant cultural stories about other Hispanic families just like them –such as the difficulties of immigration, living in a different country and living in a dual culture.

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