How to Use Facebook & YouTube Live Video to Boost Engagement


For brands who want to take their social media marketing efforts to the next level, consider adding live videos to the mix. Live video is still a relatively new marketing medium, many brands haven’t started to leverage it, which means there are still opportunities for brands and influencers to become early adopters. Whether you want to use Facebook or YouTube live video, becoming an early adopter gives you the benefit of becoming one of the first experts of that platform.

Also, live video posts offer benefits that regular social media posts do not. For example, on Facebook if a brand posts a Facebook live, the live video will appear all of their followers’ feeds. This can be powerful for brands who have engaged Facebook audiences. Since regular Facebook posts aren’t guaranteed to show up in feeds, Facebook live gives brands the guarantee of appearing in their followers’ timelines.

So, we asked 4 experts to share their best tips for selecting a live video platform, how to utilize live video to attract new customers and uniques ways to increase social engagement.

Udit Goenka, Power Up Hosting
It depends on the audience. While one of my YouTube channels is about Gaming, I found doing a YouTube live video worked better for my gaming niche. The more personal and serious niches (Hosting and my personal webinar) worked better on Facebook.

Upload live videos to YouTube to create evergreen content

Michelle Michalak, Slyde Handboards
Facebook is our main live streaming platform, since the majority of audience is most active on that platform and there's no limit to the length of live feed. Facebook does an excellent job of notifying views of the live feed and gaining greater traction. Slyde Handboards does 2 weekly Facebook lives a week, Real Reviews from Real Customers and Q & A at the HQ both of which we also save and upload to Youtube for evergreen content people will be interested in long term.

Build your email list with Facebook live

Austin Iuliano,
Right now Facebook live is an amazing secret weapon for small businesses. This is because you can live stream directly into a Facebook group and generate massive exposure for your business. I have used Facebook live to build my email list to great effect.

Go live where your audience already lives

Luke Watson, Roker Media, @LukeWatsonNYC
One of live video’s greatest strengths is that it allows brands to reach existing, targeted audiences through native integration into platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You need to go live where your audience already lives, whether that is your own Facebook page, or someone else’s that speaks to your target demographic. The ability to share from one page to another makes things really easy.