Getting ROI from other people’s content (interview)


How to get ROI when sharing other people's content?

I caught up with Michael Cheng, the founder of Sniply to ask him some tips about how to engage users on social media and get ROI when sharing other people's content.

Michael was nice enough to share with us his top tips:

He set out to find out how to get a conversion opportunity and get ROI when sharing other people's content. This led him to starting, a startup based in Vancouver, Canada.

Elements of the perfect call to action include:

1) Be relevant in your call to action - Put the right message in front of people.

2) Be sensitive with the timing - Share the message at the right time.

One of Mike's other tips is to "have the message change often, so you can test out different ways to get conversions."

Another feature of is that you can get insights into the average duration on a page. You can find out how long someone is reading the content (and if they click through to the call to action).

Learn more about Sniply's team, features, their blog and their case studies.

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