Thanks To HootSuite For Highlighting Our Safe & Effective Messaging Formula on Their Blog


Five Tips for Light, Bright and Polite Social Messaging

Here at MediaLeaders we LOVE using HootSuite to engage on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.

As a HootSuite Solution Partner, we teamed up to create a formula for safe and effective messaging on social media that can work in several industries. We developed a 30 minute webinar with HootSuite that gave tactical tips to their partners.

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This blog post is an overview of a similar blog post that HootSuite featured on their site. We also developed a 30 minute webinar with HootSuite that gave tactical tips to their partners.

Here's a video of the HootSuite cobranded webinar

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1) To be effective, first you need to meet your business goals

Instead of asking “What is our social media strategy,” consider using this new phrase.

Ask your team: What is our goal? They may answer with: To get the word out about our brand.

(Then ask why, why, why)

Why? - So people will recognize our store when they walk by. Why? - We want them to walk in out store and try on our new fashion styles. Why? - So they fall in love with the outfit and take it to the register to become a customer.

So, you’re goal is to sell products. Your social media strategy will be how you get there using online tools.

2) Use this client messaging formula:


Image: Square images gather the most interest. Question: Double your responses by using a who, what, where, or why question (not a yes or no question). Call To Action: Tell people what you want them to do (or give them two choices for a poll). Link: Drive traffic back to your site. Include 3 out of 4 of these elements for an effective message.

Tactical Tip 1: More fans will read/respond to a message if it’s less than 100 characters in length.

3) Write your messaging out a week ahead of time in an engagement calendar

Normally messaging can take about 30 minutes each day for a client: 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 = 2.5 Hours

Consider writing your whole week’s messaging in one sit-down and it might take a lot less time. Your average weekly message time would then be = 1 Hour

Write out a unique version of the message for each individual social network. View the video to see more.

Tactical Tip 2: Include a column that automatically counts characters and will alert you if you’re over 100/140 characters.

4) Create a Content Review Process

Have someone outside of your social media department review your content. Ask them "Is anything: misleading, hard to understand or seems too salesy?"

Steps for Success For Your Team and Frame of Mind: 1: Write messaging - Use left column to plan out holidays, trivia & key dates around the target customer/fan and use the messaging formula. 2: Review messages and add photos to accompany appropriate posts. 3: Spell check and review - Any spelling errors or ways to enhance this messaging for more responses? 4: Final review before the client sees it and before it gets scheduled.

Tactical Tip #3: People don’t fail, processes do. Tactical Tip #4: Read the messages backwards to let your brain better check for spelling errors.

5) Use the Hootlet to curate content

While surfing on the client’s website, use the Hootlet plugin to auto-schedule existing content directly from their site.

Tactical Tip #5: Use auto-schedule then visit the daily/weekly/monthly calendar view to get a graphical snapshot of your client’s posts (and move them easily!) Tactical Tip #6: Navigate 5 of your target customer’s favorite blogs to curate timely content every Mon/Wed/Friday for 10 minutes each day.

Bonus Tip: Train Your Team To Be Safe: Keep it Light, Bright and Polite

Light: Less than 100 characters. Concise. Work hard to shorten your message. Bright: Valuable and fun. Give the fan such good content they will want to share it with friends (or click and visit your site). Ask yourself “Is this something I would click on?” Polite: It’s billboard ready. Avoid politics, religion, personal opinions, blatant selling or anything your client’s brand won’t be proud of the next day on a billboard for everyone to see.

Tactical Tip #7: Never count on privacy settings, instead conduct your online activities in a way that’s Light, Bright and Polite.

Tactical Tip #8: If you ever pause and have to think about sending a message, DON’T SEND IT. It’s not the right fit. Few agencies have gotten fired for NOT sending a message.