How to See Your Search Results as Others Will See Them

Your online results are the search results that come up when people search for your first and last name online. Typically, you only have to monitor the first 5 pages of results.

Why should you audit your online search results?

  • While employers and clients may appreciate the impressive information contained in your resume—and the way you present yourself when you’re in “professional mode”—they also know they’ll get a complete picture if they look you up online
  • Improving your digital footprint is an ongoing process. You should always be aware of what appears on the first two pages of your search results and work to make them as strong and positive as possible

Monitoring search results in the news

Think of yourself as a brand, then ask yourself what you want your audience to feel when they think of you? What are your strengths, and how do you want to stand out? Google yourself and see what comes up. Is it consistent with your desired reputation? –Forbes

Have you Googled yourself lately? Hopefully, you have because you can be sure others are looking you up online. Your online reputation is like your resume, your business card and a bit of your personal life, all rolled into one. –Entrepreneur

Daily maintenance of your online reputation can be as simple as searching for your name on Google. –Entrepreneur

What can you do?

  • Regularly search for yourself online so you are always aware of what comes up in your search results
  • Always search in incognito mode so that you are getting an accurate picture of what clients/employers will see when they search for you
  • Ensure that you aren’t just searching your first and last name. Perform separate searches with your first and last name that include your middle name, city, company, username, and any nicknames
  • Use our free Footprint Friday Tool and easily monitor your online Google results each week in 5 minutes, to see what clients/others see