3 Influencer Campaign Deal Killers from a Digital Brand Strategist


3 Influencer Campaign Deal Killers from a Digital Brand Strategist Influencer marketing, if done strategically, can be a powerful way for brands to get exposure in an authentic way.

Tapping into an influencer's audience allows a brand to broaden their reach online and on social.

Today, more and more brands are relying on influencer relationships to spread their brand message and gain new customers. Next week I will be sharing my experiences working as a digital brand strategist on the “10 Influencer Marketing Campaign Deal Killers” panel at the Authentic Marketing Conference.

Here’s a little sneak peak and some definite “Don’ts” for Influencers working with brands:

Cease communication after receiving products from a brand

“Ghosting” the brand after receiving free products - Yes, this happens. Sometimes Influencers will disappear and stop communicating after receiving their products from the brand. That’s a big no-no and a great way to end up on the brand’s “blacklist.”

Fail to meet the deadline

Delivering things on time is always expected in business, especially because many brands are running campaigns that are time sensitive. For example, it would be completely ineffective for an Influencer to post about a holiday sale, AFTER the holiday. Of course emergencies happen and it’s important for brands to be understanding of that, however if an Influencer is missing deadlines often, it might be a reason to break up.

Have poor attention to detail

It’s the campaign manager’s job to communicate what is expected of the Influencer while negotiating the terms of the deal, and the Influencer’s responsibility to follow those details, once agreed upon. Since brands sets goals for every campaign, details that are not followed can often damage the success of the campaign. Poor attention to detail and following directions is a deal breaker.

Come see us at the Authentic Marketing Conference for many more campaign deal killers.

About our guest blogger: Donna Maher is an experienced digital marketing strategist with diversified experience in Influencer marketing/social media, strategy and research. Her background includes working for start-ups and international brands in B2B and B2C markets. Donna sits on the board of directors of 30 Years After, a non-profit civic action organization and is passionate about empowering young women. She holds a B.A. in Economics with a Specialization in International Studies from UC Irvine and earned an MBA from Tel Aviv University. Connect with her on LinkedIn. Learn more about guest blogging on MediaLeaders.