5 Instagram Tips From 10 of The World’s Biggest Brands


We set out to find a few simple tips that businesses could use on Instagram. Our team went through Instagram accounts to find 5 common tactics some of the biggest brands are using. We created a video and a blogpost so you can learn the best Instagram tips and use them for your business.

Tip 1: Your Instagram story should compliment your brand

Choose Instagram photos that will get your customers easily connecting your brand with an interesting story.

Choose photos that will get your customers easily connecting your brand with an interesting story.

  • Instagram Tactic from TripAdvisor: Post beautiful photos from around the world. Consider using quotes in the image from real users that have complimented you.
  • Instagram Tactic from Chobani: They post healthy breakfast options, various recipes, & lifestyle pictures, which include Chobani yogurt.
  • Instagram Tactic from Old Spice: Humorous pictures and videos that men would find interesting or funny.
  • Instagram Tactic from Virgin America: The company has its unique style and color. You won’t mistake it with any other airline.

[su_row][su_column size="1/2"]TripAdvisor Instagram[/su_column] [su_column size="1/2"]Chobani Instagram[/su_column]


Tip 2: Encourage fans to post photos and to tag your brand

Encourage your brand fans to post pictures and include certain #hashtags or your Instagram username.

Engage your product users and brand fans. Encourage them to post pictures and include certain #hashtags or your Instagram username. Then repost the best of those photos on your Instagram page (while giving credit to the author).

  • Instagram Tactic from Starbucks: Starbucks posts the best of their fans’ photos (in which the company was tagged). They add hashtag #Regram and the fan’s @username in the caption.
  • Instagram Tactic from GoPro: GoPro encourages its followers to compete. Every day it chooses “Photo of the day.”

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Tip 3: Feature your employees

Consider your team members in your Instagram photos.

Post photos of your team members. Your followers appreciate having a chance to look “behind the scenes” of your business. Moreover, customers like to see “real people,” who work for a company.

  • Instagram Tactic from America Air: AA posts a lot of pictures of its team. People are always smiling. That creates the feeling that if it’s a good company to work for, maybe it’s a good airline to fly with.
  • Instagram Tactic from Warby Parker: The company posts photos of company’s employees wearing their glasses.
  • Instagram Tactic from Virgin America: The airline features its employees and thanks them for helping their brand to be so successful.
  • Instagram Tactic from Whole Foods: The company describes their team members as “amazing”. The company shows how proud it is to have its employees at the center of their customer service experience.

[su_row][su_column size="1/2"]American Air Instagram[/su_column] [su_column size="1/2"]Warby Parker Instagram[/su_column]


Tip 4: Mix business photos with fun and helpful pictures

Try to entertain your Instagram followers and inspire them with your pictures.

As with any other social media platform, be careful when posting promotional photos (or selling) on Instagram. Try to entertain your followers and inspire them with your pictures.

  • Instagram Tactic from Samsung: The company created a separate Instagram account for its’ camera. Most of the pictures are beautiful and professional photos of places and moments taken by their cameras and customers.
  • Instagram Tactic from Bonobos: The company promotes not only clothing, but a lifestyle. Photos display a fun and active life that men would want for themselves.
  • Instagram Tactic from Coca Cola: The company offers its customers new way of using an empty bottle.
  • Instagram Tactic from Warby Parker: Wearing glasses sometimes is associated with being smart and reading. Warby Parker offers its followers the list of company’s employees favorite books.
  • Instagram Tactic from Virgin America: The company has a good sense of humour. It posts photos that would make their followers smile.
  • Instagram Tactic from Nike: The company doesn’t just promote their clothing, but instead an active lifestyle.

[su_row][su_column size="1/2"]Samsung Instagram[/su_column] [su_column size="1/2"]Coca Cola Instagram[/su_column]


Tip 5: Use #hashtags to get your Instagram account discovered

Use #hashtags carefully to get your Instagram account discovered (or tell a story).

  • The number of hashtags you use depends on how big and popular your business is.
  • Big brands usually don’t use hashtags, or use very few (mostly those that they’ve started themselves for fun).
  • However, if your company is new it can be very helpful to add hashtags to get your pictures discovered.
  • In this case use at least 2 hashtags. BufferApp.com shows that 11 hashtags are the most effective.
  • Tactical Instagram Tip: Find Trending hashtags on search.twitter.com and use them in Instagram.

Instagram Tips From The World’s Biggest Brands Restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, and others are successfully using hashtags to reach new audience (or tell a story in the hashtags).

What are your favorite Instagram tips? Comment below and let us know which Instagram tactics you use for your business.