8 iPhone Apps to Manage Business


Apps to Manage Your Business It's hard enough to manage your business and keep it all together. It's great when we can find apps that help us organize and manage our daily activities. Here's some of the iPhone apps we use here at MediaLeaders.

1. Fantastical - A better calendar app

A big part of running a successful business is being able to manage your calendar quickly and effectively. Sometimes the native iPhone calendar app doesn’t give us enough features to quickly set up meetings and tasks inside the same app. Fantastical helps to make your calendar much easier to manage and works seamlessly with your current calendar on your iPhone. It costs less than $5 but might save you a lot of time each week scheduling meetings.

2. Join.me - Join/lead presentations from your iPhone

Ever want to see someone’s computer screen in another city but find that it’s too difficult to set up with customers that are not so tech-savvy? Introducing Join.me, a lightweight (FREE) app that helps you quickly connect with someone’s desktop (or display your screen) to show them what you’re working on. We use this app/desktop service about five times a week and we love it.

3. Slice - Track packages

If you’re anything like us, we order a lot of items from Amazon Prime here at the MediaLeaders office. Also, we sometimes ship items to customers when they have won one of our sweepstakes. Sometimes it gets tiresome trying to track all of the packages to see when items are being delivered (and when some may have gotten lost in the mail). Slice helps us manage all of these shipments. It logs into our email address and pulls tracking numbers for all of our shipments. It displays all of these items on one screen. One hidden benefit: It tracks all of your items for possible product recalls.

4. Card Drop - Scan your business cards

Remember the good ole’ days when all you needed was a business card and printed resume? We all know those days are long gone - today, presence is digital. Forget your resume and bump into someone you’d like to hand it off to? Direct them over to LinkedIn.

Business cards can still be a problem, though. They’re prone to being lost at the bottom of a purse or briefcase. The solution? Card Drop. You create your own business card, complete with links to your social media outlets, and “drop” it. Others can easily pick it up and store your information. No more embarrassing moments handing over a stained and wrinkled card.

5. Square Register - Accept credit cards

Just starting a small business? Well, if you don’t have a credit card machine yet, you don’t have an excuse. For those with a smaller budget, Square Register is the perfect (read: free) solution. Simply sign up and order a credit card reader that attaches to your iPhone. It’s all smooth sailing from there.

6. Mint - Track your expenses the easy way

Mint is technically a personal finance app - but you can add whatever bank accounts and cards you want. Label your transactions, monitor your account balances, and create budgets all in one spot. You can also set up alerts on your accounts, a handy tool for those who are truly trying to stretch a budget.

7. Trello - Organize anything using task lists and boards

Do you get more done when you create lists? We sure do. We use Trello to coordinate with our team online and make lists for our projects, clients and summits to manage all of the tasks. This is a really easy piece of software to use. It comes standard with four lists and encourages you to move your “to do” items to the “doing” and then over to the “done” list. It’s quite fun to use. Also, it’s free for small teams.

8. Asana - Manage medium sized projects effortlessly

Have a larger team that needs to manage multiple projects? Don’t want to shell out the cash for a complicated project management program? Asana is the answer for you. It’s free for small teams (but you can upgrade if you’d like) and has a sleek design. Collaborate on advanced projects and tasks with your team while managing your personal to-do list. Assign tasks, see how your teammates are prioritizing, share information, and get rid of your migraine with this do-it-all app.

What iPhone apps do you use to help run your business? Let us know in the comment box below.