Marketer's Guide to the Instagram Update


Marketer's Guide to the Instagram Update With the recent announcement of Instagram’s algorithm change many users are wondering how this will affect their daily browsing. Instagram - known for its reverse chronological feed - is seeking to personalize your experience. The new algorithm will focus on highlighting content you’re likely to be interested in. The well-known social media app will begin testing its new feed slowly over the course of the next few months. In the meantime, here is everything you need to know about the update.

Instagram is not removing any posts from your feed, they are just reordering them. Commenting, liking or spending time on someone's posts will ensure that you don't miss out on their content in your feed. If you're still worried about missing out on your favorite posts, you can set up notifications for your favorite accounts so that every time they post you'll be notified. Are you a content marketer on Instagram? Then, as always, content is king. If you post great content your audience will be engaged and, in turn, your posts will be highlighted in their feeds.

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  • Quickly see the posts from people you are the most engaged with, without having to sift through a timeline
  • The average user misses 70% of the posts in their feed. The update hopes to prevent you from missing the important moments
  • Since you only show up in the feeds of followers who engage with your posts, you'll be targeting a more engaged audience


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  • Old Instagram marketing tactics won't work anymore
  • If you don't have an engaged audience, your posts aren't guaranteed to show up in your followers' feeds
  • If you rely on Instagram as a marketing tool you will need to update your marketing strategy
  • Users are worried about losing engagement from their audience

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Instagram Update in the News

Instagram is testing software, rather than the clock, to order the images in a user’s feed. - The Wall Street Journal

"[Instagram] told The Washington Post's Caitlin Dewey that it will begin testing the new order on less than 10 percent of its users, and hasn't yet decided if users will be able to opt out of the new timeline." - The Washington Post

"Photo-sharing app Instagram is testing software, rather than the clock, to order the images in a user’s feed, following in the footsteps of its parent Facebook." - The Wall Street Journal

“There is just too much good content on [Instagram] to give up on it.” - Time

"The change comes as Instagram is also showing more commercial messages. While the new formula doesn't affect advertising, Instagram needs to keep users engaged and interested if it wants to maintain its audience for paid postings." - CBS News

"This is the most radical change Instagram has gone through since it was founded in 2010." - Tech Insider

How to Turn On Notifications

Marketer's Guide to the Instagram Update Marketer's Guide to the Instagram Update

  • Scroll to a post of the user you'd like to set up notifications for
  • In the upper right corner of the post click the 3 dots
  • Click "Turn On Post Notifications"

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