Mom Marketing: How Brands & Businesses Engage Moms


During our most recent Digital Growth Broadcast, we caught up with six mom marketing experts and asked them to share their tips when engaging the mom demographic.

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What’s working to engage the Mom demographic?

  1. Collaborate with other moms to help expand your brand.
  2. Elle Walker Co-Founder What's Up MOMS? Elle Walker, Co-Founder, What’s Up Moms (0:30-1:27)

    It’s good to be able to do something outside of your comfort zone. Collaborate with other moms to share audiences, the sense of compatriot that you have and learning you get from talking with other moms.

  3. Involve mom bloggers in a project
  4. Elle Walker, Co-Founder, What’s Up Moms

    I recently asked a handful of popular mommy bloggers to contribute to a Mother’s Day video we posted. It started with one person and we reach multiple people. Then you can see the video shared by moms via their own social media platforms, and you can create a traction of the video. And that is very exciting.

    Collaborate with other moms to share audiences - @WhatsUpElle

  5. Select the perfect influencer for your product.
  6. Jessica Gottlieb Founder Word of Mouth: Women

    Jessica Gottlieb, Owner, JGMedia (1:28-2:06)

    If you need a mom blogger from (any region), it’s easy to find. - @JessicaGottlieb

    There are so many mom bloggers, I've been in this space for a long time, and now everyone is jumping in. Finding bloggers for your niche is getting much easier. If you tell me that you need a mom blogger with a two and four year old from the South East, it’s actually pretty easy to find the right influencer.

    Malia Carden Project Manager ONe2One Network

  7. Take mom bloggers seriously.
  8. Malia Carden, Project Manager, One2One Network (2:06-3:06)

    Nowadays, brands partner with mom bloggers in campaigns, involve them in creating engaging content. This collaboration goes beyond just “Hey, review this for me!” or “Buy this brand over another brand.” Companies are trying to create a value: “This is how this product will help you in your life.” Brands succeed when they take what the bloggers do seriously and they understand that this is their job and the way many of them are now supporting their families.

    Brands succeed when they take the bloggers and their job seriously. - @JustMalia

  9. Connect with mom bloggers on a personal level.
  10. Sara Fisher Co-Founder 2 Moms Media

    Sara Fisher, Co-Founder, 2 Moms Media (3:06-3:41)

    Moms like to meet each other, and they like to hang out, and they like to socialize. - @SelfMadeMom

    At 2 Moms Media when we are doing PR, Publicity, Marketing or Social Media outreach for clients we authenticate our outreach through networking opportunities and in person events. Moms like to meet each other, and they like to hang out, and they like to socialize, so we try to add that kind of element to every campaign we do.

  11. Involve mom bloggers in the process of creating the product.
  12. Suzette Valle Founder Mamarazzi Knows Best

    Suzette Valle, Founder, Mamarazzi Knows Best (3:42-4:54)

    Big brands are now reaching out to moms. In the past, we used to receive pitches that sounded like “please write about my product and I’ll send you a couple of bottles.”

    We unfortunately are not getting paid as well as I think we should for these reviews. But I think the review process is working. Brands are considering our opinions to be important and relevant.

    What I really like is the companies really engaging us in the beginning process of the product or an activity, certainly in entertainment, and we can get a first hand look and then write about it, being real about it. And hopefully other moms will consult these blogs, because we are just like them, we are moms.

Companies should engage bloggers in the beginning process of the product. - @MamarazziKnows

What are some examples of companies successfully engaging mom bloggers?

  1. KOHLER created a funny potty-training video
  2. Elle Walker, Co-Founder, What’s Up Moms (5:16-6:10)

    We just created content for KOHLER Touchless Toilets. We made a video called How to Potty Train Your Kid in 5 Seconds! and it’s basically talking about very humorous potty-training and how cool this toilet flushing mechanism is. It got 1.5 million hits in a week. And the client was really happy with this.

    I think it turned out well because the client asked us to “create content that your audience is going to love. Don’t let us to get on the way. We are here to give you input. But we really want you to create something special.” KOHLER was the best company to work with. They totally got it.

  3. Automotive companies treat mom bloggers as professional journalists.
  4. Jessica Gottlieb, Owner, JGMedia (6:12-7:21)

    I work really well with all automotive manufacturers. Sometimes car makers will drop off a car and let me borrow it for a week to test it out. This is the perfect way to drive a car and work with them exactly the same way that automotive journalists are working with them, from LA Times, or Washington post or others. I also have a long standing relationship with Sprint. We worked very well together. Automotive companies are engaging women in my community in multiple ways. Instead of asking them to just write posts, they are hosting events and sponsoring cases of product to make it more relevant.

  5. Simple Skincare and Crest Pro Health educate moms how to improve their lives.
  6. Malia Carden, Project Manager, One2One Network (7:21-8:44) Mom Marketing Engaging the Mom Demographic We’ve done several campaigns within past year with a skin care brand. What I really liked is they weren’t just trying to convince moms and women to buy their face wash or moisturizer.

    Instead, they were adding value to women’s lives by teaching them about overall care and nutrition, they’ve talked about why you should get sleep and drink water, not just to make your skin look good, but also to improve your overall health.

    Also we are creating a campaign with Crest Pro Health right now. They have a similar message, talking about how oral care is linked with overall care. Don’t tell your customers to buy your toothpaste because it’s better than another one. Instead try to give moms more information, which would help to improve their lives.

    Give moms the information, which would help to improve their lives @JustMalia

  7. LiveHealth Online creates two-ways video chat instead of just demo video
  8. Sara Fisher, Co-Founder, 2 Moms Media (8:45-10:06)

    We like to give practical tips and information they can takeaway or apply. We are currently working with the company called LiveHealth Online, where you can see board-certified, US-based doctors 24/7 through a video chat. We are bringing moms together online, because we believe in the power that one person can have influencing. So the company has a lot of influencers around the country, including one in Los Angeles. The brand doesn't just create a demo video, they involved mothers in the process. Moms like content which is usable, not just company messaging.

    Moms like content which is usable, not just company messaging. - @SelfMadeMom

  9. Disney talks to moms before the movie comes out.
  10. Suzette Valle, Founder, Mamarazzi Knows Best (10:07-12:15)

    It took Disney a while to enlist mothers’ and mom bloggers’ opinions. But currently they are reaching this market very well. Now a lot of us are getting invitations to screenings in our hometown, to full-blown events, and to the red carpets. They are involving us in a full process, from the beginning to the end. They reach out to us through initial posters, press releases and then we go to see the movie.

    Before, we were allowed to write a little review a few days before the release of the movie. Now, they are holding us back to the day before, or sometimes to the morning of the movie, because of the impact that we can have. And I think it’s really powerful that they even limit us, bloggers, to do not post reviews until the morning of the release of the film.

    It happens to all of us, that the trailer is misleading, the rating system is not that reliable. I used to rely on reviews, and I asked other parents about a certain movie because there are sometimes very strong scenes in a children's movie, which we don’t expect and we get upset. We feel misled. I think Disney has done a good thing, they really do enlist us in what I want to call a “grassroots movement”. Disney is a successful story for me. I’m proud of what they’ve done.

What mom marketing tips do you have? Let us know in the comment box below or join our next Digital Growth Broadcast.