How to Respond to Negative Social Media Posts

Turn negative social media posts into something positive. Use social media to boost—not damage—your professional reputation. How you respond to negative posts is more important than what the negative post says about you.

Negative social media posts in the news

People are not looking for perfection online. What they’re really looking for is humanity and a genuine response, so a negative review can be a great opportunity to respond in a positive and transparent manner. And that has a good impact on all your customers. –Forbes

If you clearly have a bitter pill on your hands, don't feed your itch to fire off an angry response. Either let it go or take the high road and respond calmly with the facts, your point of view and an apology if appropriate. –Entrepreneur

Why should you care?

  • Being gracious and authentic online is usually a good indicator of how you handle situations in person
  • Customers and employers may be watching your social media to see how you react to negative situations
  • The choices you make online can have a tremendous impact on your future
  • Responding to negativity in a similar manner can reflect badly on you. All people will see is that you’re acting like someone who can’t seem to rise above an argument

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What can you do?

  • Take the time to decide what to post and how to frame it in a positive light
  • Positive posts make a good “digital first impression” on people who could eventually impact your career
  • Be mindful that your social media posts don’t come across as impolite or ungrateful
  • Being polite under difficult circumstances always reflects well on you, online or off
  • Search for yourself online regularly so you’ll always know what others are going to find
  • Use Footprint Friday to monitor your online Google results each week to see what clients/others see