How to Leverage Pinterest Marketing to Grow Your Email List


For many influencers and brands, a strong email list is the most powerful digital marketing asset to have. An engaged email list, that’s hungry for your branded content, is the best way to make sales – and nurturing that list increases conversions. So, as we set out to find new and unique ways brands can grow their email list, we saw a lot of success come from utilizing Pinterest marketing.

We asked 5 digital marketers and influencers, “what are your best tips are for using Pinterest to grow an email list?”

Mandie Mutchie, Healthy Lifestyle Influencer, @Mandelicious
Pinterest is a great tool to draw people to your site. If you are consistently providing value in your posts with recipes, informative pieces, or entertainment, you can follow these strategies to draw traffic to your site and then get people on your email list. Once your blog post is created, use Canva to make a graphic specifically for Pinterest (you have to go to the next page of document types). On Pinterest, the taller images are most eye-catching! Once your Pinterest image is created, use that to pin back to your blog post, then pin four similar pins to the same board from other pages/blogs. This way, the pin you just created will show up on other feeds when people pin similar posts that are already popular, and your blog post will be suggested to them based upon their similar preferences! Once they have saved or re-pinned your post, hopefully, they go back to read it! When they do, your site should be welcoming and show the reader things they'd find worth coming back to see. Additionally, you should provide an offer for a "freemium," which is something valuable you've created that you're giving for free on your site in exchange for their email address. This could be a checklist, video series, eBook - something related to the content you regularly post!

Create discovery and use multiple boards

George Georgallides, XO Agency
Tips on how to use Pinterest to grow email list:

  • Create discovery: Use auto engagement tool like AutoPin
  • Use multiple boards with niches and sneak peek infographics that can be accessed in their entirety through a landing page
  • Create Infographics with CTA that alludes to exclusive content shared only through email. (i.e. Sign up for our email list to receive specific case studies of the above process put into practice.)

Know your audience and solve one of their problems

Kara Carrero, Blogging Coach & Web Consultant
Pinterest is one of the largest traffic referrers for both myself and my consulting clients. It's a powerful resource that so many influencers aren't tapping into when it comes to creating and owning their email lists.Many influencers and digital marketers think of their site, their social media, and their lead magnets as separate performing parts. However, creating content that is specifically centered around a lead magnet opt-in is crucial. While those lead magnets can be shared in other posts, having that cornerstone piece that can easily get shared across social makes a big difference. Which means that creating a blog post with a high-impact pin that's enticing and solves a problem for the reader can convert well on Pinterest, especially when utilizing Tailwind tribes to get that pin on other influencers' boards. Once I started doing this myself as an influencer, I saw a 500% increase in subscribers in a single week. My segments skyrocketed after pinning new content geared towards getting readers specifically on my email list. I also encourage my clients to really know their target audience. These strategies have helped my clients double their lists in just a few months.

Pin infographics and use keywords in the description

Kimberly Gauthier, Keep the Tail Wagging, @KeepTailWagging
Pinterest is my number two referrer among social media sites. As a dog nutrition influencer, I’ve found success by sharing infographics, about raw feeding for dogs, to be the best way to grow my mailing list. I pin from an original page where I’ve saved the graphic along with an email opt-in, using keywords in the description before posting to Pinterest. Not only has my traffic increased, the sharing of images on Pinterest has increased as well.

Use brand content to entice new subscribers

Lauren Fleming, American Freight Furniture
Add to your email list in a very specific way by encouraging new subscribers from your company’s Pinterest board. Include a link to ‘Sign up for our emails’ in your company’s Pinterest bio, that leads directly to an email sign up page. Then, create an image with description text, to pin on your business Pinterest pages, that links to a popular product or blog post. This process will lead more potential subscribers to a sign-up page based on interesting brand content.