How to Set Up a Mailchimp Newsletter Campaign to Get Results


[su_youtube_advanced url="" width="800" height="500" rel="no" https="yes"] Today I set out to invite 1,700 people to a volunteer event that we're hosting at Santa Monica Airport. While I was creating the email, I thought it would be a good chance to share with you our best email techniques for creating Mailchimp newsletter campaign that works.

Design your email for a mobile device

Ensure that you're using an email system that is mobile responsive. This means that the size of the font stays constant and the width of the email can adjust to the size of the desktop or phone that it's being viewed on. I would highly suggest that you design all of your campaigns to be mobile friendly. You'll see in this video that I look at the email campaign mostly on mobile in the vertical mode, then I also test it in horizontal mode.

Create a clear call to action above the fold

Always ask "What do we want people to do after this email?" Or, you can ask "What's next?" Then, take that goal and create a call to action link (or phone number) and put that above the fold in the email. In this email I removed the social media share buttons because people were more inclined to forward to a friend and have their friends click the button. If you are hosting an event, consider having people click to register. Also, you can request that people "forward this email to a friend and have them register here." In man cases they are happy to do so (especially when the event is free and a lot of fun for the whole family).

Keep your images to a bare minimum

In some of our newer email tests, we are removing all images. However, in this video you will see that I include one simple image at the top of the email that shows how fun the event can be. The image shows the benefit of the email (not selling features). Make sure your header quickly answers WHY one might consider forwarding your email onto other people.

Remove columns and make it focused on one message

Try to remove any sidebars or columns that might get in the way of the single call to action. Those sidebars look great on websites, but in an email your open rate and click rate will drastically improve if you remove them. Columns never look good on a mobile device (and might make the email too long) so try and remove them if possible.

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