7 Simple SEO Tips to Make your Website more Google Friendly


Simle SEO Tips To Make Your Website More Google FriendlySearch engine optimization - it can be your worst nightmare or your greatest asset. Everyone wants to drive up their rankings on Google with simple SEO tips, but how can you do that without getting headache after headache? If you’re looking for the answer, you came to the right place. Here are a few tips that will get you great results without the stress:

  1. Less is more.
  2. You know your keywords. You’re preparing to write content. How many times are you going to use those keywords? Fifty? Seventy-five? One hundred? Wrong. Overuse of keywords makes you spam in search engines’ eyes, a no-no if you want to increase your website’s visibility. Sprinkle the keywords in (keep the number under ten), and Google will smile down on your site approvingly.

  3. Make your site quick like lightning.
  4. Google doesn’t like slow sites. Neither do people trying to visit your site. Have you noticed how fast our site loads? We use these servers to host our wordpress site. Find a server that fits your budget and upgrade your site’s speed to make sure you get the ranking that your content deserves.

  5. Give yourself a [link] on the back.
  6. Internal linking: use it for all its worth. Link back to (key word) relevant content from the archives of your site. This increases their rank in search engines, bringing new life to your website.

  7. SEO for pictures.
  8. Images don’t get factored in by scanners for search engines. So how do you make your pictures attach to keywords, too? Use “ALT” tags to add a description to your images - laden with choice keywords. It’s a nifty trick to make your images do their fair share of work to up your ranking. Captions don’t hurt, either.

  9. Don’t be generic.
  10. If you use Wordpress or another blogging site that helps you manage your content, that’s great. But you have to notice where these automated systems are lacking and then step in to up your game the good old-fashioned way - yourself. A lot of blogging systems name your pages generically, with a 123 or 456. Problem is, this “title” doesn’t tell Google that much about your post. Go in and solve the problem: pick a short and sweet title with keywords that fits the content, and rename to get some ranking brownie points. Watch one of my videos on wordpress setup for beginners for more details.

  11. Details that matter.
  12. If someone told you that there is a difference between using underscores (_) and hyphens (-) in your link titles, you’d probably call them nitpicky. Newsflash: they’re right, and you’re wrong. If search engines see media_leaders, they’ll often read it as medialeaders. How many people do you think search that term as opposed to Media Leaders (media-leaders)? Moral of the story: stick with the hyphen to get on Google’s good side.

  13. Watch yourself.
  14. You get a gold star if you’re following all of these tips, but your work hasn’t ended yet. You need to keep an eye on your page rank to see if any of this is paying off, or if you’re missing the mark somewhere. Google Toolbar is a good place to start. You should also monitor what search terms are leading people to your site; look at what terms are working the best and see if there’s a trend among these (short versus long, for example). Keep making check-ups and watch your ranking reach new heights.

What SEO tips or questions do you have? Let us know in the comment box below.