How to Increase Your Social Engagement

This post is an excerpt from our Digital Marketing Conference in San Francisco. The conference was a rich environment for digital marketers to openly discuss tactics for building a better online presence and tracking results. All of the content from the Digital Marketing Conference is available as Digital Marketing Videos

Here are some key takeaways from the Increasing Your Social Engagement panel


Create micro-content

The social space is constantly changing and now audiences engage more with micro content on social media. Micro content is faster to make, cheaper to produce, and doesn’t focus on quality as much as regular content.

Tie themes and messages across platforms

Have one group take care of your entire brand’s social channels. This allows for greater control over social messaging and provides an opportunity to tie in themes and messages across platforms.

Embrace video and live video

All of the major social platforms are embracing video and live content, so digital marketers should consider adding videos to their social media marketing mix. Also, posting on Facebook Live puts you at the top of your followers’ feeds which allows you to bypass the pay-to-play method of increasing engagement.

What trends do you see happening in the social media space?

The future is headed in the direction of micro-content. –Gregor Ehrlich

I always view social engagement in my head as a math equation. On one side is the consumer value proposition and the other side is the question mark. If you are taking someone's time, what are you giving them in return? If someone is opening an email or watching something for you, why should they be doing that? A lot of times we will meet with companies and we say, "Your best performing posts, photos, pins are the ones that are just terrible photos taken on a cell phone and not the stylized photo shoots." That pill seems difficult for some people to swallow. I think the future is headed in the direction of micro-content and by micro-content I mean faster, cheaper, smaller, lower quality but also more authentic content. –Gregor Ehrlich, The Clorox Company

Social media is evolving towards video. –P.J. Leimgruber

Social media is naturally evolving and all of the big social medias have a video play now from Periscope to Snapchat to Instagram Video and Facebook Live. It seems like the latest evolution of social media is evolving towards video. –P.J. Leimgruber, Rank Executives

How do social and live campaigns integrate with brand loyalty and gamification?

Tie in themes and messages across platforms. –Shannon Wu

Brands who are looking to go to market with new products should focus on creating their entire content strategy, across various channels. One group taking care of an entire brand’s social channels allows for greater control over social messaging. This provides an opportunity to tie in themes and messages across platforms. Another option that brands can use is a referral program that encourages their audience to share. –Shannon Wu, Mr. Progress

KickoffLabs is a good tool for measuring brand loyalty campaigns. They will monitor a campaign for you so you can give away a discount to a product if they share it with five friends and a bigger discount if they share it with ten, and they get it free if they share it with twenty. –P.J. Leimgruber, Rank Executives

How do you implement strategies in engagement in social media following? What kind of tools do you use to be more effective?

What I like about Canva is that it works so well for people who do not have access to Photoshop. –Sue Duris

I absolutely love Canva. What I like about Canva is that it works so well for people who do not have access to Photoshop or do not understand it. They can go into Canva and make these beautiful images, such as a quote with a nice background. –Sue Duris, M4 Communications

Iconosquare and Hootsuite are two of my favorite social tools. –Justin Collier

Iconosquare and Hootsuite are two of my favorite social tools. With Iconosquare, you can see the rate of attrition and it's essentially a measurement tool that is the "Google Analytics" of Instagram. –Justin Collier, Alchemy Marketing

Branch is an interesting company that enables you to turn any type of mobile content into something that is searchable, trackable, and discoverable. Right now there is a problem where if you have content inside of your app, you can't share it with the external world because there is an app download wall. –Shannon Wu, Mr. Progress

I like Opal. I think it's the next step to help manage content. They have a really easy user interface and they make it really easy to get your content up fast. It’s a great way to help run social posts and messaging through your team, including your legal team, and get everyone to sign off on the social posts before you post. –Gregor Ehrlich, The Clorox Company

A tool that I like is Buffer. It's an elementary tool but they have a great content recommendation engine where you can download a Chrome extension and if you like something, you can add it to your Buffer queue and it will schedule the post at a later date. It then starts to learn the content that you like to share and will recommend content for you. –P.J. Leimgruber, Rank Executives

If I want to engage with my social channel audience and I want to be ahead of the game, in one sentence, what do I need to pay attention to? What is the one thing that I need to do over the next 12-18 months?

All companies right now are in a constant battle to win the live streaming market. You used to post something on a Facebook group and it would get sent out to millions of people. Now you have to pay to reach that audience. The hack is that if you go Facebook Live, they will send a push notification to almost all of your followers and you don't have to pay for that boost. If you can figure out a way to make cool engaging content that isn't going to be a total waste of people's times, go Facebook Live because you will get a lot of impressions on it. –P.J. Leimgruber, Rank Executives

Reward your users with better and new content that encourage them. –Shannon Wu, Mr. Progress