How to Use Social Media Recruiting to Attract Top Talent


Recruiting top talent is something that most growing companies are focused on. But what’s the best way to go about recruiting talent? Hiring recruiters and posting job listings are a traditional (and good) approach, but chances are your competitors are using those same tactics - so how do you set your company apart? How do you catch the attention of job-seeking talent in your industry?

Social Media is a powerful tool to use for recruitment, but in order to be successful you have to know what your target hire is looking for in a job. Below are 5 tips for using social media recruiting to hire top talent.

1. Start by understanding what top talent is looking for

Job seekers are looking for companies that can offer them something beyond just high pay.

The days of reeling top talent in with a high salary alone are over. More and more job seekers are looking for companies that can offer them something beyond just high pay. People are considering things like company culture, management structure, health and wellness programs, retirement planning and other “perks” that offer employees a more well-rounded experience. The companies that bring work-life balance into the workplace are the ones that will fair as more desirable in the eyes of top talent on the hunt.

The fact is that the most talented people in your industry know they are valuable, which means they get to be picky. If your company doesn’t have as much to offer as your competitor, chances are they will choose them over you. Once you’re able to understand that top talent is looking for a strong company culture, employee perks, and a high salary, you can use social media to propel what you have to offer.

2. Showcase your company’s culture with a strong social community management strategy

What sets your company apart is the day-in, day-out culture.

Think about the roles that your company is hiring for - are they much different from the openings your competitors are trying to fill? Looking at process and skill set alone, the job itself is probably pretty comparable. What sets your company apart is the day-in, day-out culture. Potential recruits need to be able to see what life is like at your company so they can weigh expectations against that which your competitors have to offer.

When you reach recruits on social media, you should be hitting them with content that tells your story. Of course, you’ll want to include links to the open job descriptions on your site but don’t let that be the only element of your company’s social media recruitment strategy. Here are a few things you can share on your businesses’ Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter pages that will give the talent you’re trying to recruit a glimpse into what it’s like to work at your company:

  • Off-Site Team Events - Did you host an awesome team outing last week? Share pictures to show the things you do outside of the office. Showcase fun activities such as a team happy hour or professional activities such as a networking event. The more diverse, the better - show them what your team is all about!
  • Company Parties - Parties and celebrations believe it or not can be a big draw, particularly if there is some kind of special recognition involved.
  • Team Recognition - Do you do employee of the month? End of the year awards? Something weekly or quarterly to recognize a job well done? If you do, post it on your social media so recruits see that you value recognition.
  • In-Office Fun - Stream a Facebook Live video of your co-workers goofing around, playing ping pong or maybe even you’ve got a fun weekly office tradition to share! These little things - formal or not - will give insight into your team members’ unique personalities.
  • Awards, Accolades or Achievements - Sharing pictures from awards ceremonies or of the awards themselves are a great way to subtly brag about your company’s success. These offer a ton of credibility to your company and can definitely be a swaying factor in the eyes of top talent.
  • Positive Press or Media Coverage - If your company was mentioned recently in an industry article or perhaps your CEO was interviewed by a top tier media outlet, those should absolutely be shared on social media. These get your name out there, help build your brand and as a result are great social media recruiting tools.
  • Thought Leadership - If your company has a blog, that content should be pushed out on your social channels. Recruits will have the opportunity to see the bright minds that are at your company.
  • Celebrate Team Members - Posting about team members’ birthdays, work anniversaries, engagements, growing families and other big moments show how much your company values your employees. This can be tough at a large company but still something you can consider.
  • Your Company’s Work - What better place to showcase the incredible work you do? Share it on social media and your recruits will get direct insight into what they may have a chance to be a part of!
  • Community Involvement - If your team works with organizations or non-profits, share it on social. This isn’t just a good recruitment tool, it also helps raise awareness for causes you support!

3. Target prime candidates using highly targeted Facebook Ads

Social advertising also provides a lot of value to companies who are serious about recruiting top talent. Facebook ads in particular open up an incredible opportunity to target highly specific groups of people with catered messaging that is more likely to capture their attention. Below are some targeting options available through Facebook, you can start by targeting with just one parameter or combine them to reach a more specific audience. Its also good to test creative with these ads - try A/B testing two different images to see which generates more interest in the role. Get creative in your messaging approach - don’t be afraid to lead with your company’s culture or special differentiators.

Targeting options:

  • Job titles - Examples: E-Business Manager, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Director, E-Commerce Manager, E-Commerce Specialist
  • Specific industries - Examples: fashion, sports equipment, food industry
  • Geo targeting - Only show ads to people who are in a specific area
  • Website retargeting - Anyone who visits your website can be hit with a tracking “pixel” and you can continue to push different messages to them)
  • Company names, Competitor names, brands your audience likely follows

4. Use the platforms your target recruits spend time on

If you are looking to hire top talent that is a part of a younger demographic, Instagram and Snapchat may be worth considering.

It's important to consider which social media channels your target recruits are already spending their time on. LinkedIn and Facebook are easy targets for most audiences, but if you are looking to hire top talent that is a part of a younger demographic, Instagram and Snapchat may be worth considering.

It is a best practice to cater your message according to each channel. Here’s a quick reference on how people use each channel and the type of messages they are most likely to engage with.

Facebook - Conversation/Fun/Informational/Visual. Posts that will start a conversation or add value to your audience's’ perception of the brand: articles or content pieces, quizzes, quotes, facts, stats, photos of what’s happening that day, questions that inspire responses & UGC.

Twitter - Conversation/Resources/News. Share news updates, respond to others’ posts, join or host Tweet Chats. “This is how I feel” posts (quotes, relatable imagery).

LinkedIn - News/Company Updates/Conversation. No fluff on LinkedIn. People come here to find news, network, brag and recruit.

Instagram - Fun/Promotional/High Quality Visual. Your brand needs to sell itself through it’s photos. Make your brand and your product look good.

Pinterest - Informational/Visual. People come to Pinterest to daydream and learn. Share content that makes them feel inspired and motivated to try something.

Snapchat - Fun/Visual. People use Snapchat with curiosity, they are looking to be entertained. Showcase your company culture by snapping the day-to-day happenings at your company.

5. Leverage your network for social media “word of mouth” promotion

Reach out to your networks for their help in getting the word out about the positions you are hiring for to gain exposure to a larger group of qualified individuals. When your message is shared by other brands or organizations, your company gains credibility from those who see it. Some networks to consider are:

  • Professional organizations within your industry - Examples: American Marketing Association (for a marketing role), Toastmasters (for a junior business development role) Colleges/Universities - internship candidates
  • Influencers within your industry - Examples: Meet-up group organizers
  • Your employees - Let your employees speak on behalf of your company, ask them to reach out to their networks on social media!

Leverage social media recruiting

Social Media is a very powerful tool for recruiting top talent to your company. First, make sure you understand what top talent is attracted to in a job role, and then identify what it is about your company that sets you apart. From there, you can take to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social networks to promote the role, showcase your company culture and utilize your networks to push your message out there.

Share your tips for recruiting top talent using social media below!

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