Three Brands That Are Doing It Right on Google Plus


Google Plus If you are avoiding Google Plus because you’re under the misconception that nobody -- including other brands -- are using Google Plus, you might want to reconsider that position. Take it from these three companies that are using Google Plus for Brands and, “winning” with their strategies:

Cadbury UK -- With more than three million followers on Google Plus, Cadbury UK is among the top 10 brands on Google Plus (by number of followers). Other than the fact that everybody loves chocolate, why is Cadbury UK rocking it on Google Plus? Customer service and engagement. Though it’s clearly stated in the company’s “About” section that they are “not able to offer full customer support through this channel,” Cadbury UK has taken advantage of Hangouts to receive feedback from customers and to generate interaction with followers.

ESPN -- Google Plus tends to be a man’s world when it comes to social media, with at least 71 percent of users being male. Perhaps this is one reason why ESPN is hitting it out of the park on Google Plus. Though ESPN certainly won’t lack for fans, as one of the most popular sports channels, they are doing a few things right on Google Plus. First, like Cadbury UK, ESPN has taken advantage of the Hangout feature to deliver unique content to followers, including interviews with athletes and ESPN commentators. Secondly, ESPN keeps things light by incorporating humor into their daily sports highlights. Case in point:

ESPN Screen Grab Video 2013.04.22 For Blog

H&M -- And one for the ladies. H&M has more than 2.8 million followers on Google Plus and is keeping things fresh with daily updates, photos and videos from the fashion runway. Like Cadbury UK, H&M encourages followers to ask questions and interact on their page, stating that “This page is moderated daily and we will always do our best to answer each one of you in a timely manner.” Followers who need specific information or immediate assistance are directed to Customer Service on the H&M website.

For brands on Google Plus, the primary differentiator between a Google Plus page and a Facebook page is the ability to utilize the Hangout feature to connect personally with fans. Consider a monthly Hangout where you can respond directly to questions from followers or address relevant topics for your brand. If you have a product or service that appeals to men and aren’t utilizing Google Plus, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect and engage with customers and fans.

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