4 Time Saving Tools for Business Owners

For many business owners, it seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day to get it all done. Particularly in a business’s early days, the owner must wear many hats and juggle a lot of responsibilities. With my first company, I served as both CEO and the sole customer support representative for the first year. It was exhausting, but with an appropriate arsenal of time saving tools, I was able to keep it under control. These time saving tools continue to be integral to my success as the owner of three businesses. If you find yourself wishing for more hours in the day, these tools will help you save time and feel more composed.

1. Save time by organizing your task flow with ClockingIT

A time-management software is a must-have for increasing productivity for you and your team, and thus saving time. ClockingIT is a free option for managing your projects that we use at Doubledot Media. We can log our progress and updates by project, which helps us avoid barraging one another with unnecessary mass emails. Instead, when someone is ready to work on a project, they can simply review past progress reports, set deadlines and track time spent on that project in the software. When there is a central location for the entire staff’s work, everyone is able to cleanly transition between projects and save time by being organized.

2. Never miss another appointment with the Reminder app

When your calendar is jam-packed with meetings, conference calls, and appointments, it helps to have someone who will tell you where to be and when. Reminder does just that. The app even lets you customize your reminders by selecting different lengths of advance notice for each reminder and putting them in different categories. The categories are particularly helpful for business owners, because it allows you to disable an entire category and really disconnect while on vacation or over a weekend. Even if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi or have 4G data access, your phone will ping you with your scheduled reminders. There’s no reason to keep it all in your head or written down on a calendar that you end up losing. Use the resources available to you and never miss another appointment.

3. Flipboard helps you stay up to date on industry trends without having to sift through countless articles

As a business owner, staying abreast of new industry trends is a major part of your responsibilities. - Simon SladeAs a business owner, staying abreast of new industry trends is a major part of your responsibilities. But no one has time to browse through all of their favorite media outlets every day and see the new headlines. The time saving tool Flipboard offers a compilation of the top articles from an array of publications on a specific topic. I specifically use this app to keep my e-commerce businesses in align with current industry trends and technological advances, but it could serve any business owner in the same way.

4. Streamline your hiring process with LinkedIn Recruiter 

Use LinkedIn Recruiter to stay ahead of the game by keeping tabs on potential new hires. - Simon SladeWhen it comes to hiring, time is of the essence. The job market is competitive and the best candidates get snatched up quickly. It’s important for business owners to continually expand their team with top talent. But there are so many candidates out there and it’s hard to sift through them all. Sometimes, you might even find the perfect person, but they’re already employed with another company. When I find people like this, I use LinkedIn Recruiter to stay ahead of the game by keeping tabs on potential new hires. This keeps me connected and helps me react fast when the best people break into my industry or start job-searching.

There are a world of time saving tools out there, but I’ve found these to be indispensable in keeping me organized and productive as a business owner. Give them a try and you might find you don’t need those extra hours in the day.

About our guest blogger:
Three-time entrepreneur Simon Slade is CEO and co-founder of SaleHoo, an online wholesale directory of over 8,000 prescreened suppliers; Affilorama, an affiliate marketing training portal with 300,000 members and over 100 free video lessons; and their parent company Doubledot Media Limited, which provides seven different training and software applications to over 500,000 customers worldwide.
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