Video Marketing Tips for Restaurants and Food Service


Restaurant Video Marketing YouTube is one of the greatest marketing tools at your disposal. Not only does video marketing allow you to develop creative content to market your restaurant or food service, utilizing YouTube can also boost your SEO rankings. Consider YouTube your behind the scenes search engine optimization expert, analyzing data, clicks, comments and keywords -- all in an effort to move you up in search engine rankings. And it’s free.

The first misconception for many business owners is that they have to pay thousands in video production costs simply to create a YouTube video. They’re wrong. With equipment as simple as an HD Flipcam, you can create quality content for a fraction of your marketing budget. Post those videos to YouTube and let the magic of social media take over.

If you’re in the restaurant and food service industry, here are a few video marketing tips to help you get started and boost your following on YouTube:

1. Right your wrongs and improve customer service. Take one Chicago Domino’s pizza franchise for example. When a delivery driver at one Domino’s store in Chicago ran late delivering the pizza to the customer, the owner of that store, Ramon DeLeon took to video marketing to issue a public apology. Social media is all about transparency -- your patrons expect that. When you mess up, don’t be afraid to apologize and make it right. When customers see your honesty and authenticity through video, you may notice a boost in loyalty.

2. Tantalize their taste buds with video of your fresh food. Take advantage of video to make your customers drool while they’re browsing Facebook and Twitter trying to decide what’s for dinner. Don’t just tell them what your special is that night, show them! Shoot a brief (30 seconds to one minute) video showing that brisket in the smoker, or that special dessert going into the oven.

3. Take customers behind the scenes. You might be surprised how many of our customers want to know what goes on behind the scenes at your restaurant. Give them an insider’s view and make them feel a part of your family. Shoot quick videos of your kitchen staff hard at work, or your front of house staff setting up for a busy night at the restaurant.

4. Teach them your secrets. Ok, we’re not asking you to give up all your secret family recipes, but sharing recipes through video is one unique way to engage your customers. Choose a popular menu item and shoot a video of your chef preparing that particular menu item. This also makes for a great video series idea.

The opportunities for those in the restaurant and food service industry to engage with customers via social media and video marketing really are endless. In addition to the tips listed above, video is a great tool to feature your staff, tell the story of your restaurant and even feature some of your most loyal customers! The extra work you put into a video marketing campaign will surely pay off.

What are some of your tips for restaurant marketing? Share them below.