5 Vine Ideas to Boost Your Marketing Efforts


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5 Vine Ideas to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

5 Vine Ideas to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Since the advent of Web 2.0, the major change I have seen is we now want everything online to be quicker and more convenient. Content, apps and services are being made shorter, easier to digest, and faster to consume.

Social media is evolving similarly, and Vine is its latest version. You need to get on it before you wind up looking like the last guy on MySpace. I'm going to share some great insider Vine ideas to help you get up to speed on using 2016’s hottest new social marketing tool effectively.

  1. Six seconds is too short? Take that back!

    1. The finest works of art by da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and others all exist in one frame. These artists took one moment from a moving scene and created iconic works of art. And you think 144 isn’t enough? Adjust your perception!

    2. Vine videos are designed to loop repeatedly. Your followers are going to watch your videos more than once. Vine’s looping nature leads to videos being watched repeatedly, extending those six seconds even further.

    3. So Vine isn't actually limiting you to six seconds at all if you learn how to use looping to your advantage. Meanwhile, this is your opportunity to connect with an audience that is hungry for good content. Try these content creation tools if you need help.Start thinking about what type of videos loop well:https://vine.co/v/O2JrAe0Jj3JThat’s a start...but maybe think of something with a bit more substance. This Oreo "recipe" is actually one segment in a series of five videos:https://vine.co/v/OgaDhEjeQxgA goal on Vine should be to hammer home brand messages. You will do that, and get Vine loops, when you create videos which are fun to watch repeatedly.

    4. Vine is the perfect tool for Twitter cross-promotion

      • Both Twitter and Vine use hashtags

      • Cross-promote your Twitter hashtags on Vine to help them gain momentum.

      • Create ‘teasers’ for your YouTube channel

      • Think about the teaser trailers that always air before feature movies. Use that concept to create a short preview of your YouTube video for Vine. You can share it easily over Twitter too.

      • Take your best Vine clips and turn them into YouTube videos

      • There are already people doing this. Jump onboard with your own account so you can reap all the benefits. It’s an interesting way for YouTubers to get into Vine, too.

    5. Use your Twitter audience to help build your Vine audience. - Matthew YeomanNo Vine account ever succeeded on its own. Since Vine is owned by Twitter, it makes perfect sense to use your Twitter audience to help build your Vine audience. You even have the option of using your Twitter contacts to find Vine followers.Here are a few other ways to work on your cross-promotion:There are many things you can do with the content you create on Vine besides share it on a few social channels. Ideas like these will make those six seconds last even longer, and spread your influence far and wide.

    6. Timing is everything when you have six seconds!

      • The Oscars, MTV Awards, The Emmys, etc., are always popular on Vine

      • The Super Bowl, World Series, El Classico, and other major sporting events are scheduled well in advance

      • Movie releases and new TV show seasons are hot topics

      • Celebrity marriages are fair game for some marketers, as are breakups and beefs

    7. Start planning Vine ideas a few weeks in advance and you’ll have content to share which seems timely. - Matthew YeomanThe modern era of content marketing is dictating more and more that your content sync up with world events in some way. Fortunately, you can predict many trends well in advance:These types of topics are easy to prepare for and even easier for people to share right in the moment. Start planning Vine ideas a few weeks in advance, and you’ll always have timely content to share. Pepsi was ready for the NFL season with the notoriously quiet Marshawn Lynch:https://vine.co/v/e2JWJ0FZ0JUWatch Vine’s Trending Topics for ideas to shoot as the trends happen!

    8. Hashtags: The six second extender

    9. Create several six second Vine videos and string them all together with a unique hashtag. - Matthew YeomanWith Twitter being Vine’s daddy, you can be sure that hashtags are just as important to use on Vine. They make it possible for you to create several six second videos and string them all together with a unique hashtag. This is where you can really work on your brand storytelling. One of the top brands for this that I have seen on Vine was Lowe’s. Their #Lowesfixinsix hashtag was perfect. Handy people could look through a variety of DIY ideas, and it was perfectly on point as part of their story:https://vine.co/v/euP5Yq3p9QZ https://vine.co/v/eMqiHllZAvVThey were so fun that I watched several of them, and I’ve never fixed a thing in my life! They had a great idea, which borrowed somewhat from their DIY themed YouTube channel, they committed to it fully, and proved that hashtags are a great tactic for Vine loops.

    10. Using Vine for quick communication

      • Showing off new products/services

      • A quick explanation, which can be looped over and over to help customers learn, could really help push sales. Embed it on a product page for best results.

      • Liven up a dead FAQ section

      • The FAQ section of any website is easily its most boring part. A few Vine ideas to spice up your FAQ section could be to create Vines which address FAQs, and embedding them in that page.

      • Thanking customers

      • Maybe you don’t want to create a whole YouTube video to thank your best customers, but a six second video is easy. Plus, they can loop it for repeated praise!

    11. Vine can be used for more things than what you expect. - Matthew YeomanAs with all social media platforms, Vine can be used for more things than what you expect:

  2. A goal on Vine should be to hammer home brand messages. - Matthew YeomanIf you’re using the Vine app, you’re usually shooting at around 24 frames a second. With the infamous six-second limit on Vine videos we can do a little math here to see that each Vine video has about 144 frames.There are two factors playing heavily in your favor as to why this is not a limit, but an opportunity:

These are just a few of the reasons why Vine is so much more than a six-second social platform. In short, it can be used for cross-promotion, capitalizing on current trends, and using hashtags to string stories together. Vine is a modern communication tool you don't want to miss out on.

Are you using Vine yet? Let’s discuss your Vine ideas or struggles below!