3 Ways Visual Intelligence Can Improve Social Media Efforts


This post is an excerpt from the 3 Ways Visual Intelligence Can Improve Social Media Efforts breakout session at the Digital Marketing Conference in Los Angeles led by Sirous Wadia, Vice President of Social Strategy at GumGum. The conference was a rich environment for digital marketers to openly discuss tactics for building a better online presence and tracking results. All of the content from the Digital Marketing Conference is available as Digital Marketing Videos.

Social media is largely image-driven, not text driven. There are almost three billion images posted on social media. On average, 85% of those images have no associated text associated that’s calling out the brand. By no text that means there is no hashtag, no caption, no mention of the brand on these images – these are authentic images of moments posted by fans and users of the brands. This is the social media world that we live in today and this blind spot affects nearly every advertiser. It makes it difficult to effectively listen on social when all of the social listening tools require some kind of text to search to compile the posts.

Image recognition today has gone far beyond logo recognition so we can even pick up facial recognition. Being in Hollywood, we work a lot with movie studios and so picking up actor’s faces and understanding how they resonate with different genres of people is something that this is used for now. Image recognition can even tell you the outlines and shapes of things. For example, Tom Ford has a perfume with an embossed logo that is difficult to read but the technology can pick out the bottle shape and size.

These are some ways that you can leverage this visual intelligence technology:

Understand consumer trends

Understand the content that is out there on social media around your brand.Understand the content that is out there on social media around your brand and the people that are actually posting the content: What is the messaging? What are they saying? Then, segment your audience to get even better analytics.

Start audience targeting

Understand who you want to target.Understand who you want to target and whatever sort of activations that you have, you need to capture that data. This is the most authentic audience because they are sharing and talking about your brand on social media without tagging.

Be present

Go onto social media and communicate with your audience.You can actually go onto social media and communicate with your audience. Humanize your brand. Be there and have a conversation around what you want to evangelize and say, “Hey, thanks for loving my pizza” or whatever product it is that you represent and then you can say, “Here is some information about something that we are doing later on. What do you think?” Get direct feedback. That ability exists today and visual intelligence enables that.