5 Ways to Spice Up Your Email Content


5 Ways to Spice Up Your Email Content Email marketing has come a long way the past few years. If you looked back at blog posts and industry articles about email from five years ago, you'd probably find dozens of experts declaring “email is dead.” However, through rigorous testing and some out-of-the-box thinking, email marketers have succeeded in putting email back on the map, right where it should be.

Nowadays, we receive emails from our favorite brands decked out in tons of bells and whistles like compelling pictures, funny gifs or edgy designs. You name it and email marketers have tried it. While these new design and visual opportunities definitely helped breathe some life back into the email, content still remains the most important element.

Let’s face it—regardless of how fancy your emails look, how popular your brand is, or even how great the discount is, if the email content is lousy, your subscribers will stop opening your messages. And as any great copywriter knows, consistently producing compelling email content can be challenging. Here are 5 of my favorite ways to spice it up.

  1. Talk About the Benefits, Not Features

  2. Make your emails stand out by showing your customers what’s in it for them.

    Few of your email subscribers are going to read very far if you the meat of your content is about the details of your product, service or brand. Yet it is still a huge mistake that many email marketers make. And trust me, if you shift your focus from specific features to more creative ideas about how you can help improve their lives, your customers will take notice.

    When your subscribers receive promotional emails from you they know that, just like every other company, your ultimate goal is to make sales. So make a special effort to show customers what’s in it for them. Try to provide useful and interesting information related to your niche along with your promotional content. Although the primary content in the email is promotional, the value-added content will keep your subscribers engaged.

  3. Get Personal

  4. Mentioning their name or recent purchases makes your subscribers feel special.

    As an email marketer, you are probably well aware of all the consumer data that your company collects on its customers. Everything from past product purchases to their favorite time of day for online shopping is right at your fingertips. Why not take advantage of it in your email campaigns?

    It could be something simple like including their name, or you could take it a few steps further and suggest products based on past purchases or searches. Not only will it get their attention, but it also makes them feel special – just another way to strengthen your relationship with them.

  5. Be Creative with Your Sales

  6. Leverage your customers’ love for sales and their curiosity by hosting a mystery coupon code sale over email.

    Pretty much everybody appreciates a good sale, but one of my favorite tricks is to combine it with an element of surprise. Pique their curiosity, and you'll not only hold their interest but improve your rate of follow-through.

    Leverage your customers’ love for sales and their curiosity by hosting a mystery coupon code sale over email! Send your subscribers an email announcing a surprise flash sale in which people have to click through to your site in order to receive their unique coupon code. You can stagger the discounts anywhere from 10-50% off or provide a universal code for everyone. No matter what it is, they'll love the idea of not only saving money but "winning" something. Customers feel like they're receiving special treatment.

  7. Speak Your Subscribers’ Language

  8. Email is one of the most personal ways to interact with your customers.

    As mentioned earlier, email is one of the most personal ways to interact with your customers (another reason email marketing is still alive and well). When you send a customer an email, your name pops up in their inbox right next to their closest co-workers, friends, and family members. So it only makes sense that you should talk to them like you are also a close friend!

    For example, if your email subscribers are mostly Millennials, don’t be afraid to be humorous, make pop culture references, or throw in an emoji here and there. Not only will this remind your customer that there is, in fact, a human on the other side, but will also work wonders in strengthening your relationship with them while making your brand feel relatable.

  9. Entertain them with Relevant Videos and Gifs

  10. Make sure that the media you use in your emails is relevant, valuable, and interesting to your target audience.

    According to a report by Convince & Convert, 33% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone. Combine this with the fact that, according to Cisco, adding the word ‘video’ to a marketing email typically increases open rates by 7-13%, and you should start seeing dollar signs!

    Video uses color, motion, and sound to connect with your subscribers’ emotions. Additionally, it’s easy content to digest while out and about. The one caveat is that you shouldn’t use video just for the sake of using video. Make sure the media you use in your emails is relevant, valuable, and interesting to your target audience.

Like everything in marketing and technology, ideas for novel, attention-grabbing content are always evolving. So never stop being creative, keeping your customers' needs, interests and demographic trends in mind, and continuously testing new techniques. Don't leave it all to the graphic designers and tech wizards to make your emails pop. Remember, content is still king!

About our guest blogger: Currently a Content Marketing Specialist at Power Digital Marketing, Alexa Engelhart is skilled in the development and execution of marketing campaigns through promotion, content creation, and social media. Follow her on LinkedIn. Learn more about guest blogging on MediaLeaders.