4 Ways to Use LinkedIn For Business


In this blog post, we outline 4 ways to use LinkedIn for business Many companies’ LinkedIn profiles are merely bare bones with a few snippets of information and external links. But this is one of the platforms where your company and brand can shine in a professional way. Start taking full advantage of this platform to improve your business today with these easy tips. Here are 4 ways to use LinkedIn for business.

1. Ask your employees to get involved

LinkedIn is the best way for your company to create a team online. Ask your employees to link back to the company’s page, keep their profiles updated, and share the content your company posts (as long as they find it interesting and relevant to their profiles). This can really increase visibility and make your business feel more like a community.

2. Showcase your best content

Many businesses go through the content they post on other sites, like Facebook or Twitter, and repost their top picks on LinkedIn. Why does this work? Because on LinkedIn, it’s not about quantity - it truly is about quality. You don’t want to clog people’s feeds to get their attention; you want the content you put out to be valuable enough for them to click on. This isn’t just a place to advertise and gain followers - it’s a place for your company to really shine.

3. Use LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are a great way to network, keep up to date on new happenings in your industry, and even to find just the right employee to fill an empty space you might have. Join relevant groups and start reaching out - join conversations with intelligent comments, post interesting (and relevant) articles you find, and keep a look out for any 5-star employees or interns who say they’re looking for a new job.

4. Establish yourself as an expert in your company’s field

More than any other social media platform, LinkedIn is where you can really establish yourself, your brand, and your company as an expert in a field. Take advantage of this to the fullest. Always keep content relevant and valuable, and you’ll start to gain a great reputation in your field. This means better potential-employees checking out your company’s page, better visibility for your customers, and an all-around increase in respect for your brand.

So, what are you waiting for? Go double-check your LinkedIn profile today, send out an email to your employees about how you’re going to upgrade your presence on the site, and give 110% when it comes to content. The benefits you reap will be worth it.

As an added bonus, we've included this video playlist where Josh Ochs gives his best LinkedIn tips.

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What LinkedIn tips do you have for business? Let us know in the comment box below.