What in the World is Influencer Marketing?


Have you had the experience of reading a blog and noticed that the content creator really loves a certain brand or product?


[su_spacer size="10"] Want to learn more about how Influencers, Bloggers, Vloggers and Brands are interacting to create a whole new genre of marketing campaigns? Are you wondering how effective these influencer marketing campaigns are? [su_spacer size="10"]

That’s what we are going to be talking about at the Authentic Marketing Conference at the Microsoft LA HQ in Playa Vista, CA on Friday, September 16th

[su_spacer size="10"] Join 100+ digital brand marketers and influencers (bloggers and vloggers) who dialog/pitch/share their goals when creating a successful influencer marketing campaign. This conference will focus on family friendly brands, and influencers who have a message that’s in line with those brand goals. [su_spacer size="10"] All of the panels will show real tips, tactics and helpful stories brands and influencers can use to authentically share their message and build a strong following. [su_spacer size="10"]

Direct from brands/agencies - Opportunities for brands to directly address Influencers

  • What brands know works: Examples from successful campaigns and why they work from a brand perspective
  • Brand-Influencer fit: How to determine if a brand is a good fit for your followers as an influencer
  • 10 influencer campaign deal killers: A humorous take on what brands don’t want
  • Multi-post campaign design: Whether you’re posting a few YouTube videos or blog posts learn how to host an authentic branded campaign

Becoming a better influencer - Technical tips to build your network

  • Keeping analytics simple: What metrics to look for in your analytics to find out what content
  • How your influencer message can attract the right brands: How to determine if a brand is a good fit for your followers
  • Content calendar strategies: How to plan your editorial calendar to create engaging content that grows your following. Learn simple tips you can use to plan out your campaigns
  • Building an engaged fan base: Tips to stand out from the crowd and grow an active following

Authentic Marketing Conference speakers represent world class companies in the LA area, including: Hootsuite, Red Bull, Logitech, The Hershey Company, and many more.

Can’t make it to LA?

We launched a “Virtual Ticket” for this conference. Now you can watch at home on your schedule (and print out all the materials). Learn more about our Authentic Marketing Conference Virtual Ticket.