7 Youtube Marketing Tips For Business (Video)


Thank you to our friends at SEMRush for interviewing Josh Ochs to show how MediaLeaders uses Youtube marketing to grow our new Teen Social Media Safety program. Josh was interviewed by Peter Starr Northrop of SEMRush and they had these tips...

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We are all content marketers

Your goal should be to create 1 video each week that is 45 sec to 2 min in length. It doesn't take fancy equipment: We will show you how to use your iPhone/Android to record your content. If you have a smartphone, you’re capable of shooting beautiful videos. Make your rules and be fine with breaking them. As long as you are creating content, it’s ok to break some rules.

Build loyalty by helping your audience with video

Each week you should consider creating short videos that help your audience solve problems. Also, tell customers what questions they might have in the future and how this solution will help them overcome future problems. #FutureProofConsider giving away some of your best content for free. You might get more customers.

Create teachable moments every week

Everyday you have teachable moments, try and turn one of them (or more) every week into a short video that you can use to share with your audience. This is 50+ videos per year and a good place to start.

Turn annoying customers into content marketing inspiration

Build your FAQ’s around that frustrating customer that calls you too much. Keep your complaints in a prominent area and make it easy to save them somewhere so you keep track of content until you’re ready to create a video. Spend an extra 30 minutes and create that video so it will save you HOURS of time answering questions in the future. This will help you scale your business.

Turn your happy customers into short testimonial videos

Testimonials are the best way to get customers excited about working with you. Video testimonials are easy to create and they boost your engagement.

Make your videos searchable

Think about how your audience might search for solutions in your industry and make your videos searchable by including transcripts and parts of your blog content in the body of the video. Make your video titles easy for people to understand. Keep your meta tags simple and close to your video topic. Don't use too many broad terms or it might confuse Youtube (and it might not promote your video very well). Bad examples of titles. “Today’s Hot video: #12." Instead, consider this: "Video marketing tips for small businesses"

Use call to actions inside your videos

Use call to actions in cards, annotations below the video. Create a title slide that draws attention and is clear. Google cards are going to work on desktop and mobile. Start there first.

Tie your content marketing into your website to make you the leader in your industry

Take all your content marketing and make it live on your site. Feature your best videos on your website to make it easy for customers to find them on your site. Your site will become a powerful resource for customers to learn more about your field and see you as a thought leader.