4 Youtube Video Marketing Tips to Reach Your Customers


Youtube Video Marketing Tips YouTube is viewed by more young adults than any cable channel out there. So if this is your target audience, you better start implementing a video plan. Online video marketing is trending, and not exploring your options means not reaching your customer on the network that they're comfortable with. Also, keep in mind that Google search likes videos (and owns Youtube). Convinced yet? Here are some Youtube video marketing tips that we use to reach our customers.

1) Remember the little things.

So you’ve made a video, now you just have to upload it and you’re done, right? Not quite - written content and video content go hand-in-hand. Make sure you write a little something in the description, and always add the link to your website at the end. Don't forget to include a call to action in the description so your customers can take the next step and visit your website to ultimately buy your product.

2) Figure out what your competitors are doing on Youtube.

Explore the accounts of businesses that are similar to yours and see what their customers respond to. Learn the ins and outs of YouTube’s infrastructure, particularly its channels. Then create channels based on different ideas (i.e., an informative channel, a “new products” channel, a testimonial channel, etc.). This means a new email list for you and (hopefully) new customers.

3) Make sure every video fits your brand.

Focus on the details first. Add your logo at the end or beginning of every video, come up with a slogan for your videos, and write down the keywords you’d like to incorporate, as well as those you’d like to avoid. Next, think big picture. How will you keep your videos consistent? What is your brand’s voice, and how do you translate that into video? It’s helpful to keep a checklist to maintain brand consistency and build brand recognition with your viewers. Review every video before uploading and make sure you can check off everything on that list.

4) Create, create, create!

Videos are in high demand, so create as many as you can. Tutorials, testimonials, and product presentations all work, but try to think outside the box as well. Create a fun, animated short that shows the story and evolution behind your business. Show a video of your team discussing a complaint a customer had, and how they are fixing the problem. Pick a unique and attention-grabbing voice for your brand, too. Humor, sarcasm, irony, silliness - all of these voices will leave an impression on the viewer and make your video more like entertainment and less like an annoying sales pitch.

Here's an added bonus video where Josh Ochs uses Youtube to teach customers how to edit their videos.