Do you have tips & techniques that would benefit our readers? Apply to be a guest contributor to MediaLeaders.

Apply To Contribute To MediaLeaders

Do you work in marketing, advertising, tech or social media and have helpful techniques that could benefit our readers?

MediaLeaders is looking for guest contributors that can write a monthly column. We are interested in contributors that are an enthusiast/expert in their field and enjoy sharing best practices with others. If this sounds like you, then please read this whole page and register below.

What will this opportunity do for you?

As a guest contributor at MediaLeaders, you get your best practices (and thought leadership) read by hundreds (if not thousands) of marketing, advertising and tech pros. Your ideas will be a part of the larger MediaLeaders group of bloggers, giving you support and feedback from traffic of the other contributors. You will also get light SEO back to your LinkedIn page from the bottom of each of your posts.

Cost: There is no cost to be a guest contributor to MediaLeaders

Commitment & Frequency: We like our guest contributors to commit to one blog each month for about six months (we are flexible here and can extend it for those that want to keep contributing). This helps us to train you on how we operate and gets you into our process so things run smoothly.

Format: We serve readers that want bite sized helpful tips & techniques. For this reason, we prefer these types of blog posts: Tips & Tricks, Tutorials & Discussion. All of the blog posts should be between 300-1,000 words in length. Also, we invite you to include outside youtube videos & infographics that can be embedded into the blog to make it relevant.

Fresh Content: The blog post you contribute to MediaLeaders MUST be at least 50% new and fresh content. This means you are not simply submitting one of your old blog posts to us, but instead reformatting it and changing more than half of the post for us. We do not re-post existing content from other blogs and we perform a search to make sure the content you give us is unique. Google frowns upon duplicate content it finds on the web and will penalize both websites in their SEO rankings. For more info be sure to read this beginners guide to SEO

Here are a few examples of good blog posts we like:

Suggested Reading: Look at our MediaLeaders Guest Blogging Resources

Promotion: We ask that you use your own social networks to promote your contributions each time they are posted. This is a win-win and helps you to get noticed while we are also working with other bloggers to get your contribution noticed.

Payment: This is a non-paid part-time volunteer opportunity.

Your application below will be sent to our team and we will let you know if we received it. You should hear back from us in the next two weeks. 

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