Digital Growth Summit – Los Angeles (Nov 4)

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Event Details

This event will feature 40+ speakers delivering key takeaways in digital marketing. All of the panels feature experts who offer real tips, tactics and helpful stories attendees can use in their field.
What: 10 panel topics and 8 deep dive breakout sessions that help digital marketers build a better online presence to engage customers and track results.
Why: In one full day each attendee will learn tactical formulas they can instantly implement at their company (and network with other professionals).
Where: Microsoft Los Angeles Headquarters, 13031 W. Jefferson Boulevard #200, LA 90094
When: Friday, November 4th, 2016
– Checkin: 9:00am to 9:30am
– Breakfast & Networking: 9:00am-10:00am
– Panel #1 starts promptly at 10:00am (Please don’t be late)
– Lunch at 12:15pm
– Cocktail hour starts at 4:00pm
Who: This event attracts professionals from brands, businesses, startups and agencies that want to learn key tips and trends from 40+ digital marketing experts.

Digital Growth Summit panelists represent world-class companies in the Los Angeles area:

Serena Ehrlich Director, Social & Evolving Media Business Wire

Business Wire
Director, Social Media
Serena Ehrlich
ROI on Social Panel

Ion Gott Partner Technology Strategist Microsoft

Cloud Solution Architect
Ion Gott
Security & Privacy Panel

Shannon Wu
Director of Marketing
Shannon Wu
Nurturing Customers Panel

Justin Soni

IBM Marketing Cloud
CSP, Sales Engineer
Justin Soni
Nurturing Customers Panel

Anita Taylor Marketing Director at Hopscotch

Marketing Director
Anita Taylor
Engaging in the Inbox Panel

Matthew Beckman

IBM Marketing Cloud
Regional Sales Manager
Matthew Beckman
Engaging in the Inbox Panel

Elizabeth Jacobi

Javelin Marketing Group
Acct Dir – Dig Messaging
Elizabeth Jacobi
Engaging in the Inbox Panel

Filip Chytrý

Avast Software
Threat Intelligence
Filip Chytrý
Security & Privacy Panel

Jennifer Winberg
Marketing Consultant
Jennifer Winberg
ROI on Social

Adam Banicki

New York Magazine
Senior Producer
Adam Banicki
Live Video Panel

Joael Harbi Digital Analytics, Optimization, & Implementation Specialist CBS Interactive

CBS Interactive
Digital Analytics Specialist
Joael Harbi
Post Click Activity Panel

Sirous Wadia

VP Social Strategy
Sirous Wadia
ROI on Social Panel

Rachel Klausner

Vice President, West Coast
Rachel Klausner
Ad Spending Panel

Mark Haddad

Sada Systems
VP Sales & Microsoft Strategy
Mark Haddad
IoT Panel

Larry Lee Carillo

Aryaka Networks
Dir Global Demand Generation
Larry Lee Carillo
Nurturing Customers Panel

Tony Winders

Winders Consulting Group
Tony Winders
Ad Spending Panel

David May

Chapman University
Director of Web & Mktg
David May
VR Campaigns Panel

Ben Plomion

Ben Plomion
ROI on Social Panel

Eric Mitchell

LifeFlip Media
Eric Mitchell
Growing Social Panel

More leaders to be announced soon.

More leaders
to be announced
each week

Our panelists represent world-class companies in the Los Angeles area

University of Southern California
Phelps Agency
Mullen Lowe US
CBS Interactive
Legal Zoom
The Influential Network
Big 5 Sporting Goods
Maker Studios Inc
Demand Media Logo

Proposed Panel Topics for & Agenda for November 4th, 2016 (More info to come)

Check In - 9:30am

Track A
(10am to 4pm)

Track B
(10am to 4pm)

Breakout Sessions
(11am to 4pm)

Growing your social following
10:15am: Our experts share campaign tips to find out where your audience is.
ROI on social
10:15am: Examples that show how social measures up and can add to the bottom line.
Deep Dive Sessions Start at 11:00am in the Breakout Room
Instagram vs Snapchat engagement examples
11:15am: How brands are using Instagram and Snapchat to engage audiences of all ages.
IoT data for marketing teams
11:15am: Listening to devices creates helpful big data. Learn how to implement IoT data into your marketing strategy.
Sales success
11:15am: Sales success through the customer journey and customer experience tips from an expert.
Lunch proudly provided by our sponsors - 12:15pm
Live video: YouTube Live vs Facebook Live
1:00pm: How brands are engaging their audience differently with live video.
Engaging in the inbox
1:00pm: Using email to nurture prospects, acquire customers and boost your marketing efforts.
Social Media Listening
1:00pm: How brands and businesses are using social to engage millions of fans around product launches and live events.
Ad Spend: PPC vs CPM vs retargeting
2:00pm: These “pay to play” techniques can let you grow an audience on your terms.
Nurturing existing customers
2:00pm: Learn the latest about using digital tools for customer retention.
Video Remarketing
2:00pm: How to reach those that have watched your YouTube videos.
Virtual reality campaigns that work for brands
3:00pm: How can brands integrate their message into this new tech to reach customers?
Security and privacy in the cloud
3:00pm: With everything going to the cloud, learn how can you keep your data safe.
7 Tips To a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy
3:00pm: Learn from an inbound marketing expert tactical tips to boost your marketing strategy.

Digital wine and networking - 4:00pm

Event Sponsor

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services, and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

Lunch Sponsor

ShopHouse is a tribute to the inspiring food culture of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore. Enjoy the bold flavors of Southeast Asia.

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Can’t make it to Los Angeles?
We launched a “Virtual Ticket” for this conference. Now you can watch at home on your schedule (and print out all the materials). Learn more about our Media Leaders Virtual Ticket.

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Digital Growth Summit

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If you attend this event and feel it doesn’t meet your digital needs, please talk to one of the MediaLeaders team members and let them know. Hand in your summit materials and let them know what you aren’t satisfied and we will issue you a full refund. Over 3,000 professionals and businesses have attended our events in over 15 cities in 4 countries. We are confident that you will find this event helpful to your digital growth efforts. This refund is not valid if you don’t attend the event.

The Venue – Microsoft Los Angeles Offices

How to get into the venue from the parking lot:


Microsoft Los Angeles Headquarters (Space #200)
13031 W. Jefferson Boulevard #200, LA 90094

Microsoft Playa Vista CampusMicrosoft Los Angeles Reserve Gravel WalkwayMicrosoft Los Angeles Reserve Courtyard
Digital Growth Summit Microsoft Los Angeles Venue Map

Microsoft Los Angeles is located in a building called The Reserve. Formerly a U.S. Post Office facility, now a model of sustainable re-use, The Reserve is a place where people and companies can thrive. A unique 20-acre site at the edge of a restored wetlands and wildlife preserve, the site is just a short bike ride to the beach.

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HOTEL MdR – A DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
13480 Maxella Avenue, Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Custom Hotel – A Joie De Vivre Hotel
8639 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

See what people are saying

Patty SteimanThe size and venue were great. I loved the conversation and enjoy the opportunity to hear what others in the space are doing. – Patty Steiman

Eddy WatyI like that there are five-part questions in each of the topics. This makes it more focused and easy to follow. – Eddy Waty

David LieuThe SEO and content marketing panel were excellent. – David Lieu

Carol HuangI liked the diversity of speakers you had. I was impressed at the knowledge and expertise. – Carol Huang

Gigi JohnsonThe size of the event was good, but the format was EXCELLENT. It worked very well. – Gigi Johnson

Hope HowellMy favorite parts were the quality of speakers, variety of topics, format of questions and the panelists/discussion. You should host more of these summits! – Hope Howell

Jackie ChuI loved that the speakers were from trusted brands. Marketing is so different at scale. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the venue was pretty. :) – Jackie Chu

Andy AranyiThe size was good. The venue was great. The speakers were impressive – No fluff and real tools/case studies. – Andy Aranyi

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