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We help brands, professionals and families to shine online with a positive online reputation.
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Who: Brands, agencies and digital influencers
Who: Brands who want their employees to shine online
Who: Professionals who want a productivity system
What: Learn why reputation management can help your brand, the top 7 networks that help you build better Google results, how to start managing your online reputation, and more.
What: Learn why employee engagement on social media can help your brand, the 10 stages to creating an employee social media engagement policy (with images and examples), and more.
What: Learn one key superhack to manage your time like the 1%, how to create the life you deserve, how you can leverage the latest in neuroscience and technology to work smarter, and more.
Who: Parents of kids 8-18
Who: Parents of teens 12-18
Who: Educators & schools
What: Learn the 9 apps your student should never use, 3 hidden app features that encourage bad behavior, how to talk with your student about these negative apps, and more.
What: Learn how to get your teen thinking about how their digital footprint can pave the way for a positive college resume, tactical tips for shining online, and more.
What: Learn our three step plan to get kids online safely, how to get students to open up (and parents to listen), the best social media safety resource, and more.

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