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Our influencer marketing campaigns help brands generate word-of-mouth marketing, inbound SEO links and online branding for their products.

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We specialize in micro-influencers and believe in quality over quantity of followers. Our network reaches 4,000 carefully vetted influencers who are brand-friendly.

Benefits of using the Media Leaders Influencer Network:

  • Our influencers are positive and will match with any brand looking to shine online.
  • You get to preview influencers before you approve them (so you know what you’re getting).
  • We can segment our influencers by category, zip code and demographic (so your campaign is more effective).
  • You don’t have to research and email influencers on your own time. We have done the hard part for you (and can save you months of wasting time).

Our influencer network stats:

  • Influencers: 4,000
  • Median users: 5,800/month/blog
  • Average users: 21,059/month/blog
  • Estimated total website users in our network: 60 Million monthly users

View a map of some of our influencer locations in the USA.

In what categories are your influencers concentrated?

We work to reach your target audience by reaching our influencer categories:

    • Art 347 influencers
    • Beauty and Fashion 1147 influencers
    • Books 858 influencers
    • Business 239 influencers
    • Christian 319 influencers
    • Dating and Relationships 192 influencers
    • Education 382 influencers
    • Entertainment 981 influencers
    • Green Living 558 influencers
    • Health 884 influencers
    • Home and Garden 1078 influencers
    • Homeschooling and Education 227 influencers
    • Infant and Toddler 530 influencers
    • Internet 478 influencers
    • Kitchen and Entertaining 856 influencers
    • Parenting 1237 influencers
    • Pets 436 influencers
    • Podcasts 46 influencers
    • Politics 113 influencers
    • Spiritual 174 influencers
    • Technology 573 influencers

Our influencer network started in 2008 (before it was cool to be an influencer) and our company has conducted over 200 custom blog/influencer outreach campaigns in partnership with brands and agencies. We have worked with some of the largest brands on the planet, including Foster Farms, Coca Cola, and Sara Lee.

Use this form to setup a 15 minute call with Josh’s Team and inquire about our influencer marketing services:

On the next page you will be directed to our scheduling page to set up a call. We discuss campaigns via phone with every customer.

Select the package that fits your needs:

$2,000 Influencer campaign kit
15 Influencer Introductions

  • Your team runs the campaign using our proven influencer kit
  • Browse our exclusive network for your favorite influencers
  • We personally intro you to your 15 favorite influencers in your category
  • You work directly with influencers to coordinate your campaign
  • Use our sample email templates to save time
  • Pay influencers directly (not included in our fee)

$15,000 turn-key influencer campaign
15 Influencers Post on 4 Networks

  • We run the campaign from start to finish
  • Select your favorite influencers from our top performing members
  • We coordinate with the 15 influencers to write about your brand
  • We get you massive brand reach in a short amount of time
  • Our influencers create content and improve your SEO
  • We do all of the work for you
  • Use our proven dashboard to track progress
  • We pay influencers directly (included in price)

Campaign goals and deliverables for Media Leaders:

  • Personalized video overview of the campaign to greet influencers and get them excited
  • A dedicated team of campaign coordinators to assist with all aspects of your campaign
  • A proven record of creating positive buzz around brands (that keep influencers happy)
  • 10 Positive honest influencer reviews of your brand for an average of 50,000 viewers/month
  • Inbound links from approved influencers to your website (or e-commerce partner) to improve SEO and drive web users to buy your product.
  • Images of products with your product name to improve Google image results
  • 2 Twitter posts and a Facebook post with your company tagged in them
  • Possible posts on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube
  • 400-800 words of Google-friendly content
  • Influencers targeted by zip code
  • Website traffic from posts for a guaranteed 12 months
  • Media Leaders will leave a positive lasting impression on all influencers; even the 40-90 influencers who elect not to participate in this campaign, who may become brand ambassadors for your company

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