5 Experts Share Guidance on Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

This post is an excerpt from our Digital Marketing Conference in Los Angeles. The conference was a rich environment for digital marketers to openly discuss tactics for building a better online presence and tracking results. All of the content from the Digital Marketing Conference is available as Digital Marketing Videos.

Here are the experts who contributed to this blog:

Bryan Pieper Instagram stories vs Snapchat

Bryan Pieper
Design Director

Kristi Kellogg Instagram stories vs Snapchat

Kristi Kellogg
Social Media Editor
Bruce Clay, Inc.

Justin Celko Instagram stories vs Snapchat

Justin Celko
Assoc. Dir. Social

Josh Baird Instagram stories vs Snapchat

Josh Baird
FOX Sports

Nick Mazzucco Instagram stories vs Snapchat

Nick Mazzucco
Strategy Director
Ignition Creative

5 Experts Share Guidance on Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

5 experts share guidance on Instagram stories vs Snapchat for digital marketers

Here are some key takeaways from the Instagram Stories vs Snapchat panel:

  • Focus on the platform that your audience engages with most
  • Your brand doesn’t necessarily need to be on both Instagram and Snapchat. Pay attention to which platform your audience engages with most and focus on creating valuable content for that platform.

  • Incorporate your posts across platforms
  • Some of the most successful and engaging campaigns have encouraged their audience to participate across multiple platforms, not just on Snapchat or Instagram.

  • Share newsworthy content on Snapchat
  • Newsworthy content is popular on Snapchat but if you don’t have news to share, find creative ways to get your brand out there. Consider creating a Snapchat geofilter to encourage audience engagement.

Instagram stories vs Snapchat? What is the difference and why choose one over the other?

Snapchat is engaging much younger demographics in a really effective way. –Josh Baird

Numbers do not lie. If you look at a company like Facebook who owns Instagram and has 1.8 billion active users worldwide then you can see that it is a powerful tool. Instagram is riding the coattails of that success and they have direct integration into the platform. That said, Snapchat is doing really exciting work engaging much younger demographics in a really effective way with a highly engaged platform. As a content creator who is focused heavily on the distribution of content and branded content solutions, both of them are viable and worth using. –Josh Baird, Director, FOX Sports

I would say it really depends on where your audience is. If they are more on Instagram stories vs Snapchat, then be there. If they are more on Snapchat stories, be there. Each platform has its own pros and cons. Snapchat has better facial recognition and complex filters that you can use, but then Instagram has a more intuitive UI. Also, Instagram stories are in their infancy having just come out in August of 2016 so I don’t think we can have a definitive answer for who is going to succeed at this point. –Kristi Kellogg, Bruce Clay, Inc.

How do you market yourself through Instagram stories vs Snapchat? What are some strategies that you can use with Snapchat and Instagram?

What do you do if you are not producing newsworthy content? Make your own geo-filter on Snapchat. –Kristi Kellogg

There are great, real, newsy stories on Snapchat, which is awesome. Thirty percent of Snapchat users followed the 2016 election on Snapchat and the stories around each event along the way, but what do you do if you are not producing newsworthy content? Make your own geo-filter on Snapchat. Soul Cyle purchased geo-filters and so all of the people working out at a single location can take a snap after their workout and use the “Soulcycle Summer of Soul” filter before sharing that snap. It’s a different way to get your brand out there on Snapchat without sharing a story. A tool that can help create Snapchat geo filters is called Pepper and they have templates that you can use to create filters. Canva also helps you create your own filters. –Kristi Kellogg, Bruce Clay, Inc.

Snapchat can only be a part of ROI if it fits into a larger ecosystem. –Justin Celko

In my mind, the best application for Snapchat to date from a brand level is what I have seen Call of Duty do. They went back into one of their previous titles and dropped in an update that had a Snapcode. Now, the PR team and the social media team seeded out hints that there was something waiting for players if they could find it in this game. Now gamers were going through, replaying the level, talking about it, and it’s everywhere – forums, social media, private messages amongst gamers. Once they discover the code, they take a picture of it and it’s the trailer for the upcoming game. So Snapchat was the catalyst, but it wasn’t the entirety of the campaign. It was probably the primary touchpoint, but it was a PR and social media campaign as well. I think Snapchat can only be a part of ROI if it fits into a larger ecosystem. –Justin Celko, Blitz

Consider how you could incorporate your Snapchat stories across multiple platforms. –Nick Mazzucco

Snapchat is only a piece of the puzzle. Consider how you could incorporate your Snapchat stories across multiple platforms and focus on the engagement you can get off the platform. –Nick Mazzucco, Ignition Creative

I really believe that you get what you measure. Try to make social media decisions for the team based on data. Decide how you can allocate resources across platforms and be realistic. For us, Snapchat is there and we want to be a part of it, but we recognize that it is part of a larger social media world. It’s a matter of figuring out where your audience is, making that decision, and then going in. –Josh Baird, FOX Sports

Instagram and Snapchat posts are only as good as the stories that you are telling and the creative way you are telling them. –Bryan Pieper

As a content creator, I want both platforms to flourish. Instagram and Snapchat give designers, videographers, motion graphic animators and other creatives a wider toolkit to tap into. You can come up with new ways to tell stories by coming up with easter egg ideas, filters, discovery stories, etc. Just remember that Instagram and Snapchat posts are only as good as the stories that you are telling and the creative way you are telling them. –Bryan Pieper, KNOCK

How consistent do you have to be with Snapchat or Instagram stories? What is your posting or planning strategy?

You need to be consistent, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do the same type of thing all of the time. Being able to fail and pivot and learn from that, is important but consistency is what you need in order to build fan engagement and naturally build brand ambassadors from fans. People engage with other people or brands based on triggers and these are usually emotional so find ways to emotionally connect with others. –Josh Baird, FOX Sports

When we talk about telling stories, telling a story isn’t just a series of interconnected images that we are pushing out. Stories are something that requires planning. Consider, “What do we want to say? What is the narrative? How do we show the narrative?” I’m surprised that I don’t see more creators doing storyboards ahead of time. Elevate your quality on Instagram and Snapchat before you start worrying about the quantity. –Justin Celko, Associate Director Social Media, Blitz

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