Josh Ochs trains brands and professionals how to Shine Online

Josh has successfully trained over 5,000 companies in 15 industries and a dozen cities. He lives and works in Santa Monica, California.

Josh has successfully trained over 5,000 companies (and 30,000+ students each year). He lives and works in Santa Monica, California.
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Josh Ochs travels the country training students and professionals how to have fun on social media and shine online.

With background in marketing at Disney, Josh travels the country teaching people how to create a positive portfolio of accomplishments online. Josh is the author of six books on Amazon. Light, Bright and Polite for Professionals and Light Bright and Polite for Parents of Teens help people all over the country look at social media in a positive way.

Watch this video to get an overview of Josh’s social media talks for professionals and businesses:

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Here’s some sample videos that Josh speaks on often:

Josh is the author of the bestselling book “Light, Bright And Polite” and Founder/CEO of MediaLeaders.

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Hailed by over three-dozen companies as a leader in the online marketing space…Josh will feature social media marketing techniques developed for these companies (and dozens more):

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Here’s what clients and attendees have said about Josh’s presentation & training:

Thank you so much for spending the afternoon with our team here in Chicago. Your presence, presentation, passion about your work and practical approach to business in the social space is incredibly powerful. I have received great feedback from everyone that was in the room including “I wish my entire team of personalities was here to see this,” (-Kyle Guderian). You connected perfectly with our team and I know we will see huge improvement here in Chicago because of your work.”
– Angie May-Cook, Director of Digital, Emmis Radio, Chicago, IL

Josh held a Social Media Bootcamp this past weekend and it was extremely educational and informative. I’m an avid user of Facebook and LinkedIn but I learned more than I thought there was to know about social media. He taught us how to make social media work for our business and how to keep your audience engaged. I highly recommend his workshop for anyone looking to grow their business! Thanks Josh!”
– Leila N., Event Evangelist, Eventbrite

When I was first invited to listen to a free presentation on Social Media, I thought ‘great, another person giving a broad overview of social media.’ However, my expectations were completely off the mark. I was so impressed with Josh’s presentation, the detail of tactical information and tips he provided, that I hired him to speak to my organization on social media. He’s presentation was a huge success. Thanks Josh!
– Nancy Tibbett, Executive Director, Indiana Bicycle Coalition, Indianapolis, IN

Here’s what your team gets when you hire Josh Ochs to speak at your event/company:

  • A sample set of social media messages your company can immediately use to make an impact in their market with customers/partners/advertisers
  • A 1+ hour high-energy training presentation that includes social media “do’s and don’ts” on how to achieve the best responses from fans/listeners/customers
  • A set of hand-outs that attendees can use to fill-in-the-blanks during the presentation so they can keep the key-takeaways next to their desk when they are crafting their own social media posts – Our attendees rave about this stuff
  • A PDF deck of all the presentation slides in a training booklet form for your digital department to reference
  • An on-demand recording of the presentation for key employees that can’t attend
  • 20 copies of Josh’s latest book: “Light, Bright and Polite”

Josh’s speaking topics include:

  • How To Help Your Employer Shine Online – Josh provides examples of positive and negative tweets that show your staff how to post in a way that helps the company shine online for customers and partners.
  • Light, Bright and Polite training for professionals – Josh provides training to thousands of professionals and brands on how they can be safe when posting on social media. His Team has developed a proprietary engagement calendar that encourages each brand to look over their messaging and content before it’s deployed.
  • LinkedIn Bootcamp for professionals – Josh provides training to sales professionals that shows them exactly how to set up their LinkedIn profile to put their best foot forward.
  • Social Media Bootcamp – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn secrets that work for business. Josh provides a practical roadmap for companies of all sizes to teach them how to be effective.
  • How to be Light, Bright and Polite on social media. Josh outlines how executives and employees can make sure to keep their social media efforts “Light, Bright And Polite” on social media. This is perfect for HR teams and companies that have diverse teams on social media that want to be proactive about their online footprint (and stay out of hot water in the press).
  • Advanced Social Media Techniques – How to ensure your content drives traffic from Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn and how to get those fans back to your site to buy/share/shop
  • Email Bootcamp: How to set up your email marketing to get a response from your customers
  • Retail Business Social Media tips – How to use social media to change your slowest day of the week
  • LinkedIn techniques for B2B sales and networking – Josh outlines how he uses LinkedIn to grow his network and how he sells to Fortune 500 companies using LinkedIn.
  • Website Bootcamp: Josh outlines the key formulas you need for a converting website. He outlines 5 key ways you can implement his tips into your site and begin capturing leads immediately.
  • How to keep your kids safe on social media: Josh trains teenagers how to be “Light, Bright and Polite on social media. Light=Fun and positive. Bright=Smart and thoughtful. Polite=Parent approved.

  • “Josh – Great job yesterday with the social media bootcamp! My co-worker, who is extremely critical of everything, really liked as well.” – Geoff Tarr, Project Manager, RPA

    “Enthusiastic and always helpful…he’s the go to guy on all things social media related.” – @Sherylct

    “Once again, great meeting you this week! The information you shared was invaluable and I’m really glad they had you as a presenter.” – @NetworkingPhx

    “Hearing the @joshochs story. Great quote: ‘Keep it light, bright and polite'” – @Cunningham_Mark, Director of Sales at @Palms

    Josh Ochs Speaking At Vistage

    Josh Ochs Speaking At UCLA Extension

    Here’s what attendees have tweeted during Josh Ochs’ presentations
    (Request Josh Ochs to speak at your event)

    Josh’s former Disney employer says…

    “Josh is eager, persistent, positive and, well, people just like him. Even now, when Josh drops by for a visit employees of every level pop out of their offices to say hello. Josh’s people skills are awe inspiring. And best of all, like Superman he uses his power for good, not evil. He has renegotiated deadlines, coaxed extra effort out of vendors, wheedled talent into extraordinary PR – and always, the people who work with Josh feel lucky, happy and relaxed. That’s the magical part. Josh’s attitude is relentlessly sunny. Throw him a moody executive, harsh feedback, an insurmountable “No” and Josh rebounds effortlessly. His refusal to respond personally to professional setbacks helps to keep the entire team focused on the business objectives during tense and potentially contentious negotiations.”
    – Lisa Clements, Director of Marketing at Walt Disney Studios

    “Josh- Thanks for a great Social Media Breakfast- I’ve been to a number of social media conferences recently and this is truly the first time I walked away with not only new information, but a solid action plan.” – Marissa Latini

    “#SMBLA @joshochs says there’s a formula 2 posting FB updates “Image+message+call to action+link” Good stuff! Putting this into action ASAP” – NatalieGouche

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