Light, Bright and Polite: How Businesses and Professionals Can Use Social Media Safely

Learn real-world marketing tips and social media safety formulas from the 36+ brands Josh Ochs and his Team advises on social media

Josh Ochs and The MediaLeaders team have developed dozens of marketing best practices that have worked for companies in multiple disciplines to guide them on social media. In Josh’s first book from 2012: Light, Bright And Polite, businesses and professionals learn how to avoid buzz words and use actionable formulas to connect with customers.

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Light, Bright and Polite Amazon Bestseller

Available in paperback and Kindle.
Available in Paperback and Kindle.

Light, Bright and Polite was featured on KTLA News and syndicated to 40 news stations:

Light, Bright and Polite was featured as the #1 bestseller on Amazon on January 28th, 2013
Best seller at FREE on Jan 28th 2013 in PR category circled

People are talking about Light, Bright and Polite:


Palms Casino says:

“Josh’s techniques were instrumental in helping us to monetize our social media efforts at the Palms Casino Resort. He helped us connect with our customers and gave us a plan that works for our business. This book is helpful for anyone wanting to do the same with their company”
– Amber Olson, Former Social Media Strategy Manager at Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

Major Social Media Managers say:

“I used Josh’s formulas as we started the social media department at Guthy Renker for Proactiv and their other top tier brands. These tips are very helpful for any brand trying to connect with their customers.”
– Ashley Elizabeth Dunn, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing and Social Media, Guthy Renker

Mayors say:

“In 2009 I ran for re-election of Mayor in Hermosa Beach and I won. However, during my race, this relatively unknown kid named Josh Ochs came out of nowhere and used grassroots social media techniques to gain 70% of the votes he needed to catch up with me. He had very little resources and used the formulas from this book to quickly build an audience that he could activate on election day. If you’re in business or wanting to get a following, I’d suggest you read this book to learn from my friend Josh.”
– Patrick “Kit” Bobko, City Councilman and Mayor of Hermosa Beach, CA

HootSuite says:

“Josh is somebody that speaks from experience in the social media space and gives practical advice to businesses. At HootSuite we’ve enjoyed having him share some of his techniques with our sales team and I’m excited that he’s releasing these tips in his book.”
– Kemp Edmonds, HootSuite Sales Engineer

USC Professors say:

“Josh isn’t your ‘typical’ social media guru; he knows his stuff and works hard to make sure all of his tips are tactical, practical and they add to the bottom line. I’ve seen first-hand his grassroots techniques which drive attendance at many of his networking events and social media bootcamps in Southern California. I highly recommend Josh’s book.”
– Larry Steven Londre, Marketing Expert, USC Senior Lecturer, and Advertising/Expert Witness

UCLA Professors say:

“I include Josh’s tips and techniques when I teach my UCLA Executive Marketing classes. He takes the complex world of social media and breaks it down into actionable steps that any business can digest.”
– Beverly Macy, UCLA Adjunct Professor, Business & Management Programs”

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The Former President of Social Media Club Los Angeles says:

“This book is packed full of tactical tips you need to know when running social media for your business”
-Geoff Brown, Former President of Social Media Club Los Angeles

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