Light, Bright and Polite Book for Professional Social Media Policy

This book helps companies to create a healthy culture around employee social media engagement and develop a social media policy.

Learn how professionals can reduce social media blunders and how employee social media accounts are the new positive face of the brand to customers. All this while promoting the company as a great place to work.
Light Bright and Polite for Professionals by Josh Ochs

Josh has created a formula professionals can use to stand out in positive way.Julie Mossler
– Julie Mossler, Head of Global Communications, Waze (A Google app)

See what others say about this book:

Chris Mygatt Coldwell BankerThis book is a great guide for professionals in almost any industry to be authentic online (while still having fun).”
– Chris Mygatt, President & COO, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage – Colorado

“Josh’s advice is practical. This is a MUST read for professionals.”James Ellis
– James Ellis, Dean of the USC Marshall School of Business

Excellent advice Lisa Cochrane for anyone that wants to improve their digital footprint.
– Lisa Cochrane, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Allstate Insurance Corp

Here’s what you’ll learn in this book:

Chapter 1: How social media can hurt your career
Find out how a young woman named Lisa gets kicked out of Australia AND China because of some careless messages on her Facebook page (Page 4) and how you can get fired with one tweet before you get on a plane (Page 11)
Chapter 2: How to respond to negative posts
Learn how I was able to respond to negative people during my campaign for public office (in a positive way) and still winning over voters (Page 20)
Chapter 3: How to see your online results as others see them
In this chapter we hear from the president of Coldwell Banker Denver what he looks for online (Page 29) and I show you exactly the way you should be searching for yourself online to see what others can find (Page 34)
Chapter 4: Social media posts and strategies that impress employers
In this chapter Josh shares a formula for posting to your social media accounts that is both positive and grateful (while still being authentic). Josh also shows examples for group photos employers will like to discover. (Page 40)
Chapter 5: Social networks that help you shine online
Learn what networks help you own your search results (and how to connect them together for better performance). Also learn how your own personal website can dominate your search results in a positive way. (Page 63)
Chapter 6: How to express yourself while managing your online image
Learn the 10 most common negative posts that upset an employer and when it should be sent as a text instead of a tweet. (Page 82)
Chapter 7: Knowing when (and what) to post/send
Learn the anatomy of a good email (and what you may consider removing) and a hidden trick to make sure you never again accidentally send an email before you’re done writing it. (Page 95)
Chapter 8: How to handle negative posts
Learn what to do if something goes wrong online. This chapter will help you develop a backup strategy and will get you thinking of what you want your online brand to look like… (Page 99)
Chapter 9: How to set a good example for kids
This is a bonus chapter that shows you how to set a great example on social media for kids and younger employees. It also gives you 10 key takeaways from Josh’s previous book. (Page 122)

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