In this blog post, we outline 4 ways to Use LinkedIn for Business

4 Ways to Use LinkedIn For Business

Many companies’ LinkedIn profiles are merely bare bones with a few snippets of information and external links. But this is one of the platforms where your company and brand can shine in a professional way. Start taking full advantage of this platform to improve your business today with these easy tips. Here are 4 ways […]

Youtube Video Marketing Tips

4 Youtube Video Marketing Tips to Reach Your Customers

YouTube is viewed by more young adults than any cable channel out there. So if this is your target audience, you better start implementing a video plan. Online video marketing is trending, and not exploring your options means not reaching your customer on the network that they’re comfortable with. Also, keep in mind that Google […]

Use these four steps to promote your next event on Twitter.

4 Steps To Promote An Event On Twitter (Video Blog)

While we are getting ready for our Digital Growth Summit event I decided to shoot this video to show you how we get our panelists excited about the event (and have them help us spread the word). Here’s four basic steps I use to promote an event on Twitter. Pick a destination (Landing page or […]

Youtube Channel Marketing Tips

8 Youtube Channel Tips To Get Subscribers (Video Blog)

Youtube is the second largest search engine on the web (behind Google). We feel like it’s important to have as much content on Youtube as possible to get noticed and help build loyalty from customers as they get to know you through your video marketing. Here’s some of our favorite Youtube channel tips to get […]

Palms Casino Social Media Case Study

Tracking Social Media ROI With HootSuite and The Palms Hotel

When we first launched we set out to develop best practices on Twitter and Facebook to help businesses turn prospects into customers. We like to test different messages across all social media networks and use analytics to track social media roi. One of our most famous case studies came from a one month campaign […]

Apps to Manage Your Business

8 iPhone Apps to Manage Business

It’s hard enough to manage your business and keep it all together. It’s great when we can find apps that help us organize and manage our daily activities. Here’s some of the iPhone apps we use here at MediaLeaders. 1. Fantastical – A better calendar app A big part of running a successful business is […]

Key Takeaway: Write out your site using paper and pencil. This helps you to create (from scratch) the most important elements for your site.

3 Old School Landing Page Tips To Attract Customers

Congrats! Visitors found your website, and clicked on it, too! Whether they found it through a guest blog post or social media doesn’t matter; the hard part’s over, and you can just sit back and relax now…right? Wrong. It’s great if your prospects are finding your site, but how long are they staying on it? […]

Email tips

3 Email Tips For Better Engagement

Social media might be all the rage nowadays (and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon), but good old-fashioned email marketing still does the trick when it comes to getting people to your site and clicking “checkout.” There’s just one problem: almost every other business also sends emails, and they send out a lot. People like […]

MediaLeaders Event Photo Stella July 2013

5 Unique Ways to Market Your Event Using Social Media

If you want to do something to give your business a boost – how about hosting an exciting event? Sounds great, but how are you going to pay for the event and market it? Well, we have found 5 unique ways to market your event using social media. At MediaLeaders we’ve hosted dozens of events […]