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Improve your brand’s online presence with a Thought Leadership Package for our conferences

We hear stories all the time where a client/customer searches for a professional (or brand) and found something they didn’t know was online.

The client might be hesitant to work with that professional/brand based on what they found (or what they didn’t find).

If your client/customer searched for you/your brand what would they find?

We suggest to brands/pros/startups to flood the internet with helpful and positive content.

Watch this video to become an expert on our sponsorship package:
Does your professional Google footprint outline all of the positive ways you are an expert in your field?

“With our added exposure on a panel and breakout session, we were able to present a case-study to a lot of people in a short period of time. One of the brands approached us during the networking hour to talk about our helpful presentation. Within a week we landed them as a client. We wouldn’t have met them unless it was the exposure we got at this event.” – San Diego Digital Agency

Do other people come up when you search for yourself/brand/company/agency?

Introducing: the Media Leaders Thought Leadership Conference package for Digital Marketing Experts:

Each year we host 5+ digital marketing events in the digital marketing/safety space.

Each year we create an opportunity for 150+ professionals to speak at these conferences and share their best practices.

We work with a select group of our speakers and brands to streamline their content and prep them to speak/present at our event in a fast paced manner.

“One of the local employees at our regional branches searched for me before I visited their location. They complimented me on my speech. As it turned out, they discovered my MediaLeaders panel discussion video in my search results. I was making a positive impression before I even got to the meeting. This gave me credibility and made the meeting a lot more productive.” – PR Pro at Whole Foods

Many brands/agencies/startups ask us to record their speeches and insert it into our followup blog post so it will improve their Google results. They also ask that we post it on Youtube with their name included.

However, the event exposure isn’t all that our partners get.

When the event is over, our thought leaders get a video highlight reel of their talk, a key-takeaway blog post of the class they taught and a few weeks later they might see one more piece of positive content to add to their Google results.

$1,000 Expert/Startup Thought Leadership Package:

Interview/Promotion before the conference:

  1. Get featured on our site before the event We interview you about your best tips (and what your company does) to put on our sites (either MediaLeaders.com or SafeSmartSocial.com)
  2. Get promotion in our newsletterWe promote your interview via our newsletters to engaged audiences (SafeSmartSocial.com has 45,000 educators and parents, and MediaLeaders.com has 5,500 engaged marketing, advertising and tech pros)
  3. Get promotion on social media We include several social media posts to our audiences on each network.

Speak at the conference:

  1. Present on a panel discussion alongside 3+ experts in our main room on a panel of your choice (share your tactical tips on our main stage with other pros).
  2. Get 2 additional tickets (a $400 value) to invite clients/prospects to listen and learn from you.

Post-event thought leadership:

  • Get included in our Digital Marketing Tactics book (or Digital Citizenship Techniques Book) as a thought leader. These books are distributed on Amazon.com and are an amazing way to display thought leadership as a gift to clients. Over 100 experts are in the book.
  • Video footage/file of your class sent to you after the event to download and use as you see fit.
  • Highlight reel/edited version of the video footage embedded on MediaLeaders.com (or SafeSmartSocial.com)
  • Key takeaways broadcasted to 5K-37K targeted professionals in our email list
  • Promotion to our 80K+ Twitter followers on @MediaLeaders or 6K+ followers on @SafeSmartSocial

$2,500 Business/Brand Thought Leadership Package:

Up to 3 speaking opportunities in one day:

  1. Your team members can present on up to 3 panel discussions alongside 3+ experts in our main room (share your tactical tips on our main stage with other pros).
  2. Lead a breakout session/class on your topic (the stage is all yours) on a topic using slides in front of a dedicated 30 minute class. We will record these classes and post them online.
  3. Get a booth/table at the event to demo your service/product/business throughout the day
  4. Get targeted intros to 4 companies/attendees you select from our onsite attendee list.

Post event thought leadership:

  • Get 7 additional tickets (a $1,400 value) to invite clients/prospects to listen/learn from your team.
  • Video footage/file of the class sent to you after the event to download and use as you see fit.
  • Highlight reel/edited version of the video footage on MediaLeaders.com
  • Actionable key takeaways of the presentation posted on MediaLeaders.com (We remove pauses and filler words to make you shine online).
  • Key takeaways broadcasted to 5K-37K targeted professionals in our email list
  • Promotion to our 80K+ Twitter followers on @MediaLeaders
  • Featured on Medialeaders.com (Or SafeSmartSocial.com) to digital experts all over the country

Why: To create positive thought leadership (and press) around your professional/brand/agency name to adjust Google results. Also to create content you can embed in your website to show your thought leadership.
What: A chance to host a breakout session at our next conference and share positive tips around your expertise. Meet professionals in the room who will learn from you (and network with them to drive business).
Who: 100+ professionals in attendance. 1,000+ viewers online to find your content.
How much: $1,000
Where: Playa Vista, CA
Added bonus: Get 2 additional tickets (a $400 value) to bring a couple colleagues in the industry.


  • We don’t share the list of attendees with thought leaders for this price. It’s against our policy. However, we will email intro thought leaders to anyone in our network they want to meet for $100 per introduction.
  • Keep the sales message in the presentation very low. This event is about helping, not selling. Instead, we can give you ideas on how to make your content tactical and helpful to the audience.

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