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Josh Ochs with his dog. :)

Josh Ochs with Harley :)

Josh Ochs | Founder

With a background in brand marketing at Disney and a love for all things technology, Josh Ochs travels the country training 30,000+ students and brands how to be safe and smart on social media.

In 2009, Josh Ochs was nearly elected to city council in Hermosa Beach, CA by leading his own positive grassroots marketing campaign and using his social media methodology to gain votes from 74% of the voters he needed to win the race. As the youngest person on the ballot, he set out to make sure his online image was one that allowed him to shine online in a positive way. Although he lost the election to the incumbent mayor by about 350 votes, his positive image was being watched by many brands and they asked him to share with their staff how they can use social media in a positive way.

In 2013 one of the MediaLeaders partners asked Josh to speak at Universal Studios Hollywood to hundreds of students and share with them social media safety. That launched a new book and a way for Josh to inspire students to be “Light, Bright and Polite” online. Now, through Safe, Smart & Social, Josh’s team inspires almost 200,000 people a year through videos and social media assemblies.

Josh’s MediaLeaders team also hosts Digital Growth Summit events that unite thousands of marketing, advertising and technology professionals in LA and San Francisco. From these events, the MediaLeaders team stays on the bleeding edge of word-of-mouth marketing and they use this as their “secret sauce” to coach clients and advise brands on how to connect with their customers.
Light, Bright and Polite Book Cover
He has a degree in business from the University of Southern California and he resides in Los Angeles. Josh Ochs can be reached online at @JoshOchs or reach Josh Ochs on Linkedin
Light Bright Polite Josh Ochs S3 book

Josh’s Strengths according to the Gallup StrengthsFinder: (Roll over to see descriptions)
Positivity, Woo, Activator, Command and Individualization.

Elisa JohnsonElisa Croft | Content Marketing Manager

Grandpa Dog Image

Elisa’s dog is named Grandpa.

Elisa helps us create content marketing at MediaLeaders, SafeSmartSocial and BlogPrWire. She creates daily blog posts for all of our wordpress sites, designs helpful content for our 5+ weekly eblasts and works with our blog partners to share best practices. She is one of the driving forces behind our content strategy and she helps us stay on track every day to make sure our properties shine online. Previously Elisa created and executed marketing strategies for an award winning hospitality group in Los Angeles.

Elisa’s Strengths according to the Gallup StrengthsFinder:
Competition, Maximizer, Futuristic, Strategic, and Intellection.

Minling ChuangMinling Chuang | Branding, Social Media & Marketing Manager

Minling manages social media and digital marketing on a daily basis for the MediaLeaders team. She is a leader in all things social media and online marketing. Minling received much of her marketing experience as an Associate Marketing Manager at Nestle. She worked on iconic brands such as Nestle Toll House, Lean Cuisine and Stouffer’s. These consumer product brands taught her to carefully examine the customer and build marketing plans that were effective while also being safe with their messaging. Before her time at Nestle, she worked as a distribution analyst and assistant buyer at Guess brands. In these two roles she learned process and distribution, helping her to plan large scale projects for her clients with ease and precision. Minling is based in Los Angeles and has an undergraduate business degree from USC with an MBA from Indiana University – The Kelley School of Business.

Melody HarstineMelody Harstine | Blogger, Copywriter & Social Media Consultant

Melody joins the MediaLeaders Team with a B.A. in journalism and an M.A. in Communication. She has agency experience, can manage up to nine clients at a time while developing blog, Facebook and Twitter content for each client. Melody writes dozens of blog articles each month for a variety of clients spanning a wide array of industries.

Melody is fully trained on the “Light, Bright and Polite” methodology and all of her writing SEO friendly and fun to read.

Dave MathewsDave Mathews | Industry Advisor

Dave is a consumer-focused inventor specializing in mobile, convergence and digital entertainment. He has worked at the startup stages of projects like boxee, Slingbox and is an inventor of the CueCat consumer bar code reader. Always tinkering, he has 65 U.S. patents granted and has appeared as a technology expert or host on some 300 television shows. Dave has written for PC Mag, is a founding contributor of O’Reilly’s MAKE and other consumer-tech outlets as well as industry publications. Dave is Founder and CEO of NewAer, a mobile platform that enables any smartphone to automate aspects of your digital life from whom or what is detected in it’s physical space. Contact Dave online at @GGDM or reach Dave Mathews on Linkedin

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